• 2023.3.9 お知らせ

【令和5年度入学者向け】工学院入学生への資料配付について / Distribution of documents to students entering in April 2023

新入生に対する 修学関係書類(学生便覧・学生証・ELMSID等)の配付について、以下のとおり行いますので、受け取りのほどよろしくお願いいたします。なお、都合上受け取りに来ることが出来ない場合、下記のとおり対応願います。
The following documents (Student Manual, Student ID, ELMSID, etc.) will be distributed to new students on the following dates. If you are unable to come to the office, please follow the instructions below.

Place of distribution
工学院 A1-58 MAP
Time of distribution
April 3 (Monday) 15:00-16:00
April 4 (Tuesday) 15:00-16:00
April 5 (Wednesday) 12:00-13:00


① 知人に代理受領を依頼する場合 If you ask a friend
希望する学生は下記様式で委任状を作成し、代理で受領する方に事前に預けてください。 If you wish to ask a friend to pick up your documents, you will need to create a power of attorney. Please prepare a document in the following format and give it to your friend who will receive the materials on your behalf.

② 郵送を希望する場合(国内のみ)If you wish to have the documents mailed to you (Available in Japan only)
Send a self-addressed stamped envelope (240mm×332mm) with a 740 yen stamp attached to the Academic Affairs Section. Please also attach a note indicating that you wish to receive the Student Handbook.