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International Affairs Office of Engineering

International Affairs Office of Engineering was established on April 1, 2012 in order to assist international students, internship students and foreign academic researchers.
Whether you are a new students or a current student, please feel free to contact the office in case of need.

e3 - English Engineering Education program

The e3 program was established in 2000 aiming at fostering global engineering human resources and science then has been actively attracting high caliber students from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds.


Emeritus Professor Akira Suzuki of Hokkaido University (formerly a professor at the School of Engineering) was awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his innovative research in cross-coupling chemical reactions for the synthesis of organic compounds. Cross-coupling has applications in a wide range of fields (e.g., medicine, agricultural chemicals, liquid crystals used in IT equipment, and organic EL as a new generation of luminescent materials), and represents a major contribution to the development and commercial manufacture of products commonly seen in today's world.

Emeritus Professor Akira Suzuki Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry Special Commemorative Issue

Faculty of Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, School of Engineering Hokkaido University

PR Magazine "EngineeRing"

We publish PR magazine "EngineeRing" several times in a year and share our researches, achievements and activities.

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