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Reports  /  21.09.2018

2018 e3 Field Trip Report

August 24th, 2018

                   One Monday evening I was watching sunset at a place called “northernmost point in Japan”, at the very north part of Wakkanai area with a feeling of accomplishment. After many years in Japan, I finally I reached this very far away point! Thanks to the e3 group I could strike out another item on my bucket list of places I want to visit in my life.

Reports  /  02.08.2018

The HULT Prize expereince

The Hult Prize is a global Competition held once a year for the launch of social startups emerging from universities campuses across 100 plus countries. It awards millions of dollars in seed capital to young budding entrepreneurs, including a grand prize of USD1Million.

It all began on the day when we saw the notifications about HULT Prize in the campus. All of us were fascinated with the Competition because of its international repute and the opportunity it provided to work for a social cause.

Events  /  27.07.2018

Thesis defence calendar Sep 2018 Graduates

Here is the schedule of the Master's and Phd students public defenses. It will be updated. Please feel free to come to support your colleagues and friends!

Events  /  09.02.2018

e3 alumni career talk 2018

For students who are considering career in Japan or industrial career and especially those who are not yet considering it. E3 has a tradition to invite alumni working in Japan to share their job hunting experience, motivation to work in Japan, tell about Japanese business culture.

Events / Reports  /  29.01.2018

Phd thesis defences calendar Mar 2018 graduates

Here is the schedule of the Phd students public defenses. It will be updated. Please feel free to come to support your colleagues and friends!

Reports  /  10.01.2018

Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar (SIYSS)

Ms. Kanako TODA
M2 Division of Sustainble Resourses Engineering
Laboratory of Environmental Geology

During the week leading to the Nobel Prize award ceremony on December 10th Swedish Federation of Young Scientists invites young scientists chosen by their countries to the Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar (SIYSS). The seminar keeps running for more than 40 years.

This year, I joined the SIYSS2017 as one of two young scientist representing Japan, so I’d like share about it a little here! Tons of inspirations!

Reports  /  27.12.2017

【Kudo-san’s Farewell Party!2017. 12.20】

One of the administrators at the International Affairs Office of Engineering resigned her position on the 22nd December after working almost 3 years. She helped students about a lot of things, and her friendly personality made the office even better. To show our appreciation to her, we had a farewell party! We gave her speech, a photo book, presents, and had lunch together. We really miss her, but we all hope that she enjoys the next chapter of her life!

Kudo sans farewell party 4 kudosan farewell party 2

Kudosan farewell party 1 kudosan farewell party 3

Reports  /  14.12.2017

Report for the KMMF Philosophy Seminar in Kanazawa

November 18 -19, 2017

In this event, there were 43 international students gathered at Kanazawa from 11 top universities in Japan. From north to south, they are Hokkaido, Tohoku, Tsukuba, Tokyo, IUJ, Kyoto, Doshisha, Ritsumeikan, Osaka, NAIST, and Kyushu respectively. There are normally 4 scholars for each university; 2 senior students (M2) are from last year and 2 junior students (M1) have been selected 1 month before; Since now, it is the 2nd year for the KMMF scholarship program taking place at Hokkaido University, we already have Meegoda (M2), Lai (M2), Zhou (M1) and Wahyuni (M1). Our Hokkaido team have the special culture that we usually bring the local omiyage to the meeting place and share it with everybody who comes from other universities. We brought Shiroi Koibito for this year and Hokudai buns for the last year.

Through the 2-day trip, KMMF expects that we will not only deepen understanding of the philosophy of Konosuke Matsushita, but also build human relationships with other KMMF scholars who have different cultural or academic backgrounds. Furthermore, through sightseeing in Kanazawa, they hope we will learn and experience the traditional Japanese culture, since KMMF hopes to offer something more than financial support.