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How to apply for a certificate

(as of September 2016)

Below you can find the list of standards certificates available and how you can obtain them.

If you need some other (non-standard) certificates please contact e3 office. For some types of requests for which certificate with the seal from graduate school of engineering cannot be issued, e3 can prepare a letter. The most frequently requested letters from e3: GPA calculation, ranking, English medium etc.

Standard Certificates available:

  • Academic transcript
  • Certificate of university registration
  • Certificate of expected graduation (for Master’s student it can be issued only in second year of their study and for Phd after they have passed the thesis screening)
  • Certificate of expected period of study (can be issued any time, will show the expected study period, admission date + standard admission period 2 years for MC and 3 years for DC)
  • Certificate of period of study (shows the whole period of study at the Faculty/Graduate school of engineering)
  • Graduation Certificate (can be issued only after the date of graduation)
  • Certificate of Degree conferred (for Phd students only, can be issued only after the date of graduation).
  • Health certificate (based on the results of Medical checkup, if you took it) (JP only, only available through the ACM)

How to obtain a certificate

- Automatic Certificate Machine (ACM)

The following certificates you can obtain “on the spot” from Automatic Certificate Machine (ACM) with your student ID. From September 2016 all certificates except the health certificate are available from the ACM in English!

  • Academic transcript (JP/EN)
  • Certificate of university registration (JP/EN)
  • Certificate of expected graduation (JP/EN)
  • Health certificate (based on the results of Medical checkup, if you took it) (JP Only)*

*Health certificate can only be issued from ACM and may be if you go to the health center directly. So far they only provide Japanese certificates. For more details please check with the health center.

ACM is available 9:00-18:00 on the weekdays. Location: School of engineering entrance lobby. Clark Kaikan 2F hall, general education division 1F lobby, Lecture building of humanities 2F hall.

- Academic affairs office window#3

For certificates not available at ACM please apply to the academic affairs office window#3.You can find an application form at the counter. Or download it from the following link print it out and fill in advance (applications by e-mail are not accepted). I’s bilingual so you should not have problems filling it in.

It usually takes up to one week to prepare English certificate.


Certificates you receive upon graduation:

1. Graduation Certificate (1 copy)

2. Transcript (final) (1 copy)

3. Certificate of Degree conferred (Phd, only per request)

Both Master’s and Phd graduates receive 1 copy of Graduation Certificate and 1 final transcript at the graduation ceremony (no need to apply). If you need extra copies, you may apply in advance. Application period for this certificates will be announced to you by e-mail before your graduation. Phd student can also apply for the Certificate of Degree conferred (necessary number of copies).


Applying for transcript/ graduation certificate from abroad

Fill out the application form and send it together with a self-addressed envelope*, copy of your passport or ID and appropriate amount of stamps or international reply coupon to the adress below or contact e3 office

Academic Affairs Department (Request for Certificate)

Graduate School of Engineering, Hokkaido University

Kita 13 Nishi 8, Kita-ku, Sapporo 060-8628, JAPAN

Tel. 81-11-7066123

 *An appropriate sized envelope should be enclosed taking into account no. of copies you request.

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