Student Information

e3 Student Academic Advisors 2021-22

Are you seeking for an advice about your research or campus life? Don't hesitate to contact one of e3 designated student academic advisors.

Additionally to e3 coordinator, starting Spring semester 2019 e3 is introducing 4 student advisors, faculty members who can help to navigate your graduate life at e3.

How to choose an advisor?

For research-related matters you may want to choose an advisor closest to your research field, but in general you are free to contact any of the available advisors. If hesitating, please feel free to contact the e3 coordinator first.

How to use the advisory service?

-By Email
If you have any questions or you need an advise, please send an email to the suitable advisor.

-By appointment

Please send email to take an appointment with an advisor of your choice.

In both cases, please include the following information in your inquiry:

-Affiliated program: Doctoral student or Master's course student
-Name of your Laboratory, Division

Please note that it may take some time for an advisor to answer.

Photo Name Division Contact
 oliver Prof. Oliver WRIGHT Applied Physics email:
ext. 7191
room: A2-24
 todoh Prof. Masahiro TODOH Human Mechanical Systems and Design, Program Director email:
ext. 6404
room: A5-26
 matsumoto Assoc. Prof. Koji MATSUMOTO Engineering and Policy for Sustainable Environment email:
ext. 6219
room: A5-09
 laknesh Assoc. Prof. Yogarajah ELAKNES Sustainable Resources Engineering email:
ext: 7274
room: A6-13
 natalya Ms. Natalya SHMAKOVA

e3 coordinator

ext: 7291
room: A4-58