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Updates on covid-prevention measures at Hokkaido Universuty

More than 100 people a day have been recently tested positive for COVID-19 in Hokkaido, and the cases of infection have been discovered at Hokkaido University as well. Regarding this, the measures against raising the planned stage for infection prevention have been informed by Hokkaido University.

Please refer to the following website:

For this reason, besides the planned action guideline (Level 1), we ask your full cooperation with the following course of action to prevent the spread of infection.

  • Cases of infection have been reported in club activities and circle activities. Please refrain from participating in those activities.
  • Cases of infection due to dining together have been reported. Please refrain from eating together except with your family members.
  • People walking around the university without wearing masks or those who are not covering mouths properly with masks have been noticed. Please wear a mask and keep distance from others.
  • Please use alcohol sanitizer when entering and leaving classrooms and laboratories.
  • If you have cold-like symptoms, please refrain from attending classes or visiting the labs.
  • If you have been confirmed to be positive or to be a close contact of somebody infected with coronavirus, please contact Academic Affairs Division and your supervisors as soon as possible.  Student Affairs Section: (011-706-6123,