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Guideline for preparing abstract

Guideline for preparing abstract

      All graduate students at the Graduate School of Engineering, Hokkaido University are required to prepare an abstract or summary of their thesis or dissertation for distribution during the oral presentation of their thesis or dissertation.  The respective Division will subsequently compile these abstracts into a book.   The compiled book of abstracts is then distributed to all the teaching staff in the Division.

      Since majority of e3 students do not graduate at the same time with students in the Japanese program, it was decided that abstracts of e3 students’ thesis and dissertation used to be compiled into a book once a year irrespective of the Divisions that the students belong. Although until 2012 a physical copy of the book was prepared, currently e3 keeps abstracts in the electronic format and book is published on the e3 site.

      To prepare the abstract please refer the following guideline:


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