Apply as research student

Important! After the applicant enrolled as a research student, he/she is no longer eligible to apply for the MEXT scholarship from e3 as this scholarship is meant for students from overseas only. 
Applicant should fill out the e3 application form for the program he/she intends to eventually enroll in (doctoral or master) and send it to the e3 office together with necessary documents well in advance of the normal application deadline. If a professor in one of the laboratories indicated in the application form agrees to accept the applicant as research student first, the applicant will be asked to fill out the research student application form. The completed research application form must be received by the submission deadline.

Application guidelines

Documents required (by post):
  1. Application form e3 with photo
    Download application form
    (PDF format)(Word format)
  2. Check list of required documents
    Download check-list
    (PDF format)
  3. Research student application form with photo
    Download application form
    (PDF format)
  4. One photo, 4x3 taken within last 6 month
  5. Payment receipt of the examination fee (except for MEXT Scholarship Student)- for applicants using bank transfer within Japan.
    Payment can be also completed trough the on-line payment system, using a credit card. In this case payment receipt submission in not required.
  6. Research proposal
    Free format, if apply for 2 laboratories with different research topic – prepare 2 proposals.
  7. Official Undergraduate and Graduate transcript (original or certified copy)
    The most recent transcripts are required if you haven’t graduated yet.
    Please make sure it has the date of issue.
  8. Graduation/expected graduation certificate (original) or photocopy of diploma for each graduated university program.
    The most recent provisional certificate if you haven’t graduated yet. The expected graduation certificate must show the expected date of your graduation.
    If your university does not issue an expected graduation certificate, please obtain a certificate of enrollment which shows the expected date of graduation) Once you get a diploma, please submit a copy.
  9. Recommendation letter from supervisor at the last graduated institution (The original)
  10. Photocopy of passport (for applicants from abroad) or Photocopy of Residence Card/Alien Registration Card (for applicants who reside in Japan)
  11. Photocopy of the certificate of China scholarship council, if you are CSC student 
Application calendar
 October 2017April 2018
Application deadline May 31, 2017 November 15, 2017
Submission deadline* early June 2017** Dec 13-19, 2017
Payment of application fee  early June 2017** Dec 13-19, 2017
Notification of application result  July 2017 late Jan 2018

* For students who has already received the approval of prospective supervisor all originals of documents must strictly reach e3 office by the submission deadline.

**Please re-confirm the deadlines closer to the application date.