1. Yannick OLIVEIRA, Angola, M1 Student

Position: SO president

Hi everybody, my name is Yannick, a Master Student in the Division of Architecture and Structural Design, Laboratory of Architectural Planning. I come from Angola, a tropical country in south-western Africa. I´m in Japan since April 2018, and trying describing my arrival in Sapporo in one word, I think the only word that does it justice is "Shocking" (but with all capital letters and double k in it), but surprisingly only in a good way. I got used to the food, the weather, the culture, and so far, it's being an incredible time, with great people by my side, nice friends, supportive colleagues, teachers and faculty members, I like Hiking, Martial Arts, Cycling, and Snowboarding (I guess that covers the whole year), so I try to stay in movement as much as I can, and I learned in Sapporo the real meaning of making use of the situation, as I learned to enjoy the winter and even missed it (thing I thought to be pretty much impossible before). We´re always here for you whenever you need us, feel free to give a hi. So, let's "do" instead of "not doing", have fun and make the most out of it. “N’gassakidila”

2. Renato DIAS, Cape Verde, D1 Student

Position:Vice President

Hello, my name is Dias. I am from Cape Verde a beautiful country on the west coast of Africa. Currently I have the role of VP of the HESO. I am a PhD student from the Laboratory of Structural Engineering (very fun stuff folks). I've been in Japan for over 3 years. You might think it’s hard, and you are completely right. However, I am glad I joined the e3 student organization since my first year which made my life much easier as many events are organized and thus gives us an opportunity to have some fun while doing our own research. Please join us. I am looking forward to meeting you. Let’s have lots of fun together.

3. Nicole VIOS, Philippines, M1 Student

Position: Financial manager

Maayong Adlaw! Hi! I am Nicole Alexis Vios from the Philippines. You can call me "Nicole" or "Nic". I am an M1 student in the Division of Field Engineering for the Environment (FEE), Environmental Materials Engineering (EME) Laboratory. It is my 2nd time in Japan but 1st time in Sapporo, I arrived in September 2018. Being a South East Asian kid, it was always my dream to see snow and experience winter. It was fun and was a great experience, but my tropical self will always appreciate the warm weather. 😀 . Japan is one of the countries that I really look up to and being here is such a great blessing; the places are wonderful, the foods are tasty, and the people are very kind. I am hoping the new students will feel the same way. If ever you guys have questions or if there is something I can help you with, please do not hesitate to approach me.

4. Sourav MODI, India, M1 Student

Position: PR manager

Hello! Namaste! I am Sourav Kumar Modi from India. I am M1 student and belong to laboratory of Mechanical and functional materials. I have always been a fan of Japanese culture because of anime. Studying in Hokkaido University under E3 is simply great, language has never been an issue. I got to meet so many new friends from all the world. The life in and outside Hokkaido University has been simply great because of the beautiful campus, surrounding mountains along with other excellent activities and most important kind people. It has always felt like a home away from home. Being part of E3 SO Committee on top of all this is just wonderful, it gives me opportunity to serve other students and to know their experiences. My message to all the E3 students and also who wish to join this programme is simply let’s enjoy this unparalleled opportunity and experience. I hope we as SO can make your stay more memorable!!

5. So KOMIE, Japan, M2 Student

Position: Social welfare manager

こんにちは!Please call me So. I was born in Yokohama and spend high school life in Kamakura, both famous city in Japan. If you are interested in traditional sightseeing in this attractive country, let’s get in touch with me. Kind direction takes you comfortable experience. I’m looking forward to hearing from you guys. In addition, I am ready to consult about something worries associated with studying abroad in Japan. My major is environmental engineering, wastewater treatment. Poverty is the biggest problem all over the world and water technology could contribute to reduce economical differential. This is my work in this course. E3 has a lot of diverse students and it makes you splendid experience. Why don’t you join us! “ There is always light behind the clouds.”