1. Sonia Longjam, India, D1 Student

Position: SO president

“Khurumjari Mayam! Konnichiwa Minna-san! I am Sonia Longjam came from "A jewelled land – Manipur" in India. You can call me Sonia. I am a D1 student at Building Structure Control Laboratory, Division of Architectural and Structural Design. I arrived in Japan only one month ago, and it is a great honor for me to be elected as President of e3 SO. Thank you one and all for trusting me. As President, I will give my best effort to build a strong bridge among all the international students in Hokudai. With all your help, I would love to promote and strengthen the different cultural richness among foreign and Japanese students. Let us all share the beauties of cultural diversity and enjoy TOGETHER during our stay in this magnificent place of Japan!! Let's share innovative ideas, learn as much as we can and make a memorable journey with friends from all over the world! We are a big blessed e3 family of Hokkaido University!”

2. Helmano Fernandes, Cape Verde, M1 Student

Position:Vice President for Academic Affairs

“Hello minna-san, Helmano here. I’m an M1 Student in the Division of Environmental Engineering, Laboratory of Water Reclamation Engineering. I started my Masters in April 2019, but I had been in Japan for one year prior to that. It was a good time for me to get used to the Japanese culture and now I can tell you guys that I enjoy living in Sapporo. Being part of e3 made things better and I’m sure it’s going to be the same for you. Among trips, parties, delicious food you get to know people from all over the world. I’m telling you, this group is amazing, and you don’t want to miss anything, so be part of it. By the way, I come from Cape Verde or better said, Kabu Verdi. It’s a group of tiny islands in West Africa. We love the beach, catxupa and we have morabeza. If you haven’t heard about it feel free to ask me anytime. So let’s work hard and have some fun together.”

3. Cynthia Waihenya, Kenya, M1 Student

Position: Vice President for Finance

Jambo!! Hi! I am Cynthia Waihenya from Kenya. I am an M1 student in the Division of Mechanical and Space Engineering, the Laboratory of Computational Fluid Mechanics. The first question I always get asked is “Why Hokkaido?” I had many answers to that question before but one year in I can’t imagine another place in Japan where I would rather study. I prefer the cold to the heat (weird I know, coming from a lovely tropical country). Japan has a unique culture, which still fascinates me, and I am always discovering interesting aspects of it. I love the outdoors and learning new crafts and skills. The e3 community makes it possible to explore the surroundings, have fun activities and meet people from all over the world. To new e3 students, let’s all be a part of this diverse and awesome community, learn and enjoy our student life together.

4. Mishal Singh, India, M1 Student

Position: Vice President for Social Affairs

“Hello! I am Mishal from India. I am an M1 student and I belong to Laboratory of Mechanical and Functional Materials. I have always been a fan of Japanese anime and its diverse culture. It’s been fun from the day I came here as I got to meet so many new friends from all the world. I came to Hokkaido in April 2019 and the life in and outside Hokkaido University has been simply great because of the beautiful campus, surrounding mountains along with other excellent activities and most importantly kind people. I am glad I joined the e3 student organization as I can be a part of all the fun activities of e3 family and continue the bridge of friendship. Please join us and we will have lots of memories together. We are always here for you. Come on, join us on this beautiful and happy journey!”

5. Afif Faiq Muhamad, Indonesia, D1 Student

Position: Vice President for Public Relations

"Hi everyone, Afif here! Came from Indonesia in early 2017 and immediately fell head over heels for Sapporo ever since. I am pursuing my doctoral degree in the laboratory of sustainable material-cycle systems under the e3 program, in which instead of solely about academic stuff, it is also about family and all the heart-warming activities. The e3 program provides you media to express your wild ideas, to share your knowledge, to be enlightened about things you never know from people with different background, and, the best thing is, to shape the greatest of irreplaceable memories with hundreds of buddies from all over the world! Anyway, I am not going to be here for long, well, neither are you, guys. Therefore, enjoy, do things you never did before, and live your life to the fullest!"