1. Afif Faiq MUHAMAD, Indonesia, M1 Student

Position: SO president

Hi everyone, Afif’s here! Came from Indonesia in early 2017 and immediately fell head over heels for Sapporo ever since. I am pursuing my master degree in the laboratory of sound material-cycle systems planning under the "e3 program", in which instead of solely about academic stuff, it is more about family and all the heart-warming activities. The e3 program provides you media to express your wild ideas, to share your knowledge, to be enlightened about things you never know from people with different background, and, the best thing is, to shape the greatest of irreplaceable memories with hundreds of buddies from all over the world! Anyway, I am not going to be here for long, well, neither are you, guys. Therefore, enjoy, do things you never did before, and live your life to the fullest!

2. Arslan Qayyum KHAN, Pakistan, D1 Student

Position: Academic manager

Hello! I’m Khan from Pakistan. I arrived Japan almost two months ago and the very first day I was warmly welcomed on the e3 orientation day. I felt very honored and privileged to be part of such a prestigious program. In the next coming days, I joined welcome party, welcome trip and global talk events. These events were well organized by e3 student organization. I spontaneously decided to be a part of such eminent student organization which not only provides a platform for students from different countries to interact with each other, but it also provides opportunities for recreation and a break from the monotonous research life by organizing various interesting events. Now, I am a part of e3 student organization and my aim is to organize more interesting, interacting and unforgettable events next year. So, let’s participate, explore and enjoy together our time at Hokkaido University.

3. Ryoko SHIRATORI, Japan, M1 Student

Position: Social welfare manager

Hi everybody! I am Ryoko Shiratori and I am a M1 student at the Laboratory of Mechanics Materials and System. I was originally born in Niigata located in the middle of Honshu. Niigata is famous for Nihon shu. I’d been to Alaska, USA for one year as an exchange student when I was an undergraduate student. After that, I didn’t have any chance to speak English language in university life in Japan and my English language became worse with the passage of time. Now, it is a turning point for me to join e3 SO and I am very happy to get some positive influences from the e3 SO activities. Let’s gain successful academic experience and have fun together. Talking about myself, I love eating, playing flute, skiing, running and spending time with friends. On the other hand, the position, Social Welfare Manager, gives me a chance to translate from English to Japanese and the other way. e3 provides me an opportunity to meet many people from all over the world and get to know each other. I’m looking forward to make new friends and hear their stories!!!

4. Rakshita BAGHERWAL, India, M1 Student

Position: Financial manager

Hello..!! Namaste..!!I am Rakshita Bagherwal from India .I am M1 student in the Division of Mechanical and Space engineering .I came to Japan 8 months back, and fell in love with Japan, the sprawling lush green university campus, snow-clad mountains, relaxing onsens, skiing , healthy lifestyle and most importantly the warm-hearted people. e3 is the place, where I always feel as a family, meet interesting people with diverse experiences, cultures and make friends. Being a part of the e3 SO committee, I want all the new E3 members feel the same positive and friendly ambience at the University, helping them to explore the new country and its culture. Let’s enjoy and make beautiful memories together in Hokudai life.

5. Mamy Rija ANDRIAMBOAVONJY, Madagascar, M1 Student

Position: PR manager

Hello! I am Mamy from Madagascar. I have studied applied geophysics and I am particularly interested in all subjects related to hydrosphere and geosciences (river, groundwater...). Thanks to the e3 program, I belong now to the River and Watershed Engineering Laboratory. For me, it is like one another dream becoming true :) . Anyway, it is a pleasure and a big honor for me to be part of the e3 SO. As Vice Public Relation I am going to do all my best not only to keep and to improve the bond between e3 member, but also with others, particularly with Japanese society and culture. In addition, I count onto our precious contribution, it is OUR organization. Together, we can fully enjoy our study life at Hokudai and life in Hokkaido and the e3 SO is here for us.