1. Munaswamy Murugesh – President
   India, D1 Student

Position: SO president

Minnasan Konnichuwa| Andariki Na Vandanalu | I am from Andhra Pradesh, in India. I am currently D1 Scholar in the Division of Quantum Science and Engineering here at Hokkaido University. It’s been about a year in Japan, which includes an amazing four-month summer during 2019 STSI (Exchange) Program. I have been hearing like, its all-time wonderland Sapporo, Hokkaido throughout seasons, honestly its amazing so far no words to say about it from my experience of Sapporo summer, autumn and winter.
I am glad for being with e3 SO as a President, I am looking forward to connecting everyone regardless their origins, to exchange learnings and experiences and nonetheless simply good times. I hope to see you with e3 family of Hokkaido University and cherish the wonderful time with us! See you. Kruthagnatalu.

2. SAHA Sanjoy Kumar – Vice President for Academic Affairs
    Bangladesh, M2, Student

Position: Vice President for Academic Affairs

>Hello everybody! Hope you are doing great! My name is Sanjoy. I’m from Bangladesh. Here in Hokkaido University, I’m pursuing my Master course in Mechanical and Space engineering. As a part of the E3 family, I believe, you will gain valuable experience in your field of study, as well as Japanese traditions and culture. We can share our personal experiences, thoughts, and mostly interact with each other through programs like global talks, bonenkai festival and so on. As the vice president for academic affairs, I yearn for sustaining the goal of E3 SO by promoting international friendship and cultural exchange as well as widen the visions of knowledge and experience academically. To the new e3 students, let’s prepare great activities for ourselves that we all will enjoy and create wonderful memories to cherish. Let's make it happen together!

3. AMAGU Amagu Clement – Vice President for Finance
    Nigeria, D2 Student

Position: Vice President for Finance

Konnichiwa mina san!!! I am Amagu Clement from Nigeria. I am D2 student in the Laboratory of Rock Mechanics, Division of Sustainable Resources Engineering. I’ve been in Japan for a little more than a year now, and I have gotten many unforgettable memories as a student in Hokudai and looking forward to enjoy more. Honestly, i can say that Sapporo is Sapporo is a seasonal city with abundance of natural beauty and rich-oriented of Japanese culture.
As a member of the e3 SO committee 2021-2022, I would actively participate in the activities of e3, to maintain that core interaction and understanding among international students. Therefore, let's do it together; someday, we will smile, a very big smile, knowing that we had made a good choice to be the part of e3 family.
I will be always cheering you.

4. KRIVOROTKO Margarita – Vice President for Public Relations
    Russia, D2 Student

Position: Vice President for Public Relations

Hello everyone! Glad to meet you on this page! I`m PhD student of laboratory “Urban and Regional Design”. As an architect, for me the quality of artificial environment, aimed to comfortable conditions for the development of each person, is essential. Hokkaido University and Graduate school of Engineering have outstanding not only physical environment, but also social. Friendly atmosphere creates all conditions for realizing the potential of each student, and E3 community is distinguished by support, inclusiveness and respect for each member. Together we are creating our bright future! And I'm really happy to be a part of this!

5. Charles Edwin Samuel – Vice President for Social Affairs
    India, M1 Student

Position: Vice President for Social Affairs

Hello everyone, I am Edwin Samuel from India. I am M1 student in the Laboratory of Computational Fluid Mechanics, Division of Mechanical and Space Engineering. I am elated to finally start my lifelong dream of studying and being in Japan! I have always loved the Japanese Culture, Traditions, Technology, Food, JDM Cars, Anime and I can keep going on. I joined the e3 student organization to be a part of the e3 family and experience this with other like minded people by organizing events and making our university life a memorable one. Life in Japan can be a huge culture shock for people who are coming for the first time so as a member of the SO I want to help people settle in without any problems,  Experience a good life in Japan and in the university besides their research and studies. No matter where you come from, Here at the e3 you are a part of a big family