1. Baptiste Pelletier, France, M2 Student

Position: SO president

Hi everyone! Bonjour !! My name is Baptiste, I’m from Bourgogne, in France! I study Mechanical and Space engineering here at Hokkaido University. I’ve been in Japan for a little more than a year now, and I can honestly say it’s one of the best places to live! Whether it’s the food, the people or the amazing scenery, you really can’t make a mistake by coming in this country! Hokkaido will offer you the icing on the cake, with its perfect snow, and the cherry on top would be the extra warmth of its inhabitants!
As president of the e3 SO, I’m looking forward to connecting everyone regardless of their origins, to share our experiences, our knowledge, and simply, to share a good time! I hope you will join the e3 family of Hokkaido University and spend a wonderful time with us!
See you! A bientot !

2. Amagu Clement, Nigeria, D1 Student

Position:Vice President for Academic Affairs

Hello Minna-san!!! I am Amagu Clement from Nigeria. You can call me Amagu. I am D1 student in the Laboratory of Rock Mechanics, Division of Sustainable Resources Engineering. I started my study as a Masters student in October 2018, and then continued with my PhD program. I came to Hokudai in 2014 for a short-term exchange program (HUSTEP) between Hokkaido University and my home University (Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki, Nigeria). So far, I have gotten good exposure in my research area, Japanese customs, and her rich-oriented culture, and looking forward to enjoying more.
E3 SO mainly aim at organizing trips, parties, and cultural exchange program where everyone; students, Professors, and e3 staff can share their personal experiences, thoughts, and interact with each other. I have joined several E3 global talks, bonenkai festival and so on. I’m telling you, all the events were unforgettable. However, as e3 SO's vice president for academic affair, I will contribute my ideas, energy and time to sustain the goal of e3 SO.
To new e3 students, let’s participate, organize and arrange unforgettable events for ourselves that we may enjoy and make beautiful memories together in e3! Let's do it together!

3. Sourabh Jagrat, India, M2 Student

Position: Vice President for Finance

Namaste Minna san! I am Sourabh Jagrat from India. I am an M2 student in the Division of Mechanical and Space Engineering. It's been almost over a year I came to Japan. I have always been a fan of Japanese anime and still, I am fascinated with Japan and its culture. But the best part about living in Hokkaido is its four seasons; cherry blossom in spring, the sea in summer, leaves in Autumn & mountains in winters. I am glad I am a part of e3 community, through which I got to meet so many different people around the globe and we shared so many fun moments together. For the newcomers, come and join us. We'll enjoy and create memories together as a big happy e3 family.

4. Gaurab Das Mahapatra, India, M1 Student

Position: Vice President for Public Relations

Namaste and Konnichiwa to all of you. This is Gaurab Das Mahapatra (or GDM) from India. I am a Doctoral Student (D1) associated with the Laboratory of Architectural Planning of the Division of Architectural & Structural Engineering, within the Graduate School of Engineering. In 2019, when my supervisor Professor Suguru Mori sensei explained to me about Hokudai and Sapporo in general, I was already in awe. After reaching Sapporo in 2020, I fell in love with the place. I am charmed with Japanese socio-cultural attributes and culinary explorations as well.
The major reason for joining the e-cube student body is my quest towards a mutual exchange of knowledge with global peers through interaction and connection. The motto of e3 is “the world is one family”, which has a close resemblance to the Japanese theory of “Tabunka Kyosei”; which in turn also has stark similarity to the Indian philosophy of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”, or African concept of “Ubuntu”, or Chinese belief of “Xioakang”. Basically, all these principles remind us about a global truth that we are all connected to a common root – HUMANITY. Let us all come together and help in fostering a creative and humane environment by learning and “UN” learning as well. Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!

5. Nabilah Atiqah, Malaysia, D2 Student

Position: Vice President for Social Affairs

Hello, everyone! I am Nabilah from “Land of the Hornbills” – Sarawak in Malaysia. I am a D2 student from the Laboratory of Space Utilization, Division of Mechanical and Space Engineering. I arrived Sapporo around one year ago and I have been enjoying living here since. My favorite part is the four seasons of Sapporo which I couldn’t experience in my home country. Viewing the beautiful winter scenery makes winter my favorite season although it is very cold. But of course, summertime is mostly appreciated after having long months of coldness. I hope everyone is enjoying Sapporo climate as well. Not forgetting the main reason why I’m in Sapporo in the first place, of course I’m grateful to have the chance to pursue my graduate study at Hokkaido University under the e3 Program. Through this program, other than the academic opportunity, I’ve learnt to get to know different cultures of different countries from friends of different background. I am glad to join the e3 student organization as we can all together join fun activities held by e3 family, expand connections among e3 students and aim to promote exchanges of knowledge and experiences. Everyone, let’s get together and enjoy this journey!

Amagu Clement