Thesis/Dissertation Abstracts

Division of Materials Science and Engineering
Md. Saiful ISLAM (D), Effects of Metal Cations on Steels Corrosion in Chloride Aqueous Solution (download)
Shilei ZHU (D), Micro and Nano Scale Structure Design of Sn-Based Phase Change Materials for Thermal Energy Storage (download)
Zhong HUANG (D), Surface Chemistry of Cationic-Ligands-Protected Gold Nanomolecules: Ligand Exchange, Protonation, and Menshutkin Reactions on Au25 Cluster (download)
Chenlong ZHOU (M), The void formation in oxide scale formed on Fe-9Cr-1Mo steel in steam environment contained different oxygen contents at 650℃ (download)
Yixiang TANG (M), Microstructural Evolution of Aluminum Doped Ferritic Steels under Irradiation (download)
Division of Mechanical and Space Engineering
Feng GUO (D), Flammability study on electrolyte components in lithium-ion batteries using a wick combustion method (download)
Landon Thomas KAMPS (D), Mechanisms of Graphite Nozzle Erosion in Hybrid Rockets
Paras MEHENDIRATTA (M), Effects of vacuum environment on fatigue crack growth properties near-threshold regime in High Strength Steel (download)
Division of Human Mechanical Systems and Design
Sarun CHATTUNYAKIT (D), Self-recovery Strategy for Multi-legged Robot with Damaged Legs
Su WANG (D), Lidar-based Localization and Pose Estimation Approaches in the Map Built by Monocular SLAM (download)
Ashish GUPTA (M), Bending Vibration Suppression of a Single Shell Structure for Railway Carbody using Piezoelectric Elements & Electrical Shunt Circuit (download)
Division of Energy and Environmental Systems
Enes Muhammet CAN (M), Study on Wettability Effect on Water Transport in Gas Diffusion Layer of PEFC
Division of Field Engineering for the Environment
Hayato TAKAHASHI (D), Study on the microscopic alteration of cementitious materials subjected to high temperature and water action using non-destructive integrated CT-XRD method (download)
Joel Galupo OPON (D), A multicriteria analytical framework for quantifying the sustainability of concrete materials under methodological uncertainties
Chhay Ngorn SEANG (M), A new-record theory of annual maximum precipitation associated with temperature change (download)
Egy Crystal SOESILO (M), Erodibility of Clayey Sand in Relation to Microfabric Depending on Compaction Condition (download)
Fernnie Makilang MAGALONA (M), A New Method to Characterize Cross-anisotropic Stiffness of Saturated Clay at Small Strain Level using Pore Water Pressure Behavior (download)
Shara Grace Cosmod ASTILLERO (M), Study of surface condition and soil erosion using remote sensing, GIS, and physical-based model over Kushiro (download)
Shengchi MA (M), Exploring new sampling methods for the experimental design and statistical modeling of cementitious composite systems
Division of Engineering and Policy for Sustainable Environment
Muhammad Aboubakar FAROOQ (D), Compressive Mechanical Models of High Strength Mortar and Concrete under Severe Environmental Action (download)
Zhao WANG (D), Multi-scale Structural Evaluation Method of Reinforced Concrete Member under the Effect of Frost Damage
Irish Sultan TAMBIS (M), Shear Cracking Behavior of RC Beams with Side Face Reinforcement (download)
YUYUT PUTRI WAHYUNI (M), Optimum Fare Estimation Of Ridesourcing Service Considering Travelers' Mode Choice Behaviour: Case Study in Jakarta Area (download)
Division of Architectural and Structural Design
Thinh duy DO (D), Environment Behavior Design for Improving the Urban Street Space in Vietnam Metropolitan Area with Rapid Urbanization (download)
Hashini Kaushalya Herath HERATH MUDIYANSELAGE (M), Numerical Evaluation of Fracture in High-Rise Buildings Subjected to Long Duration Earthquakes (download)
Shaoqi YANG (M), Residual Performance of Structural Steel after Plastic Deformation and Strain Aging (download)
SUYANTO IKA RAHMAWATI (M), Study on Optimum Damping Characteristics of Vibration Control Systems Considering SSI Based on Frequency and Time-history Domain Analyses (download)
Division of Sustainable Resources Engineering
Theerayut PHENGSAART (D), Advanced Jig Separation for Resources Recycling: Effects of Particle Geometry on Separation Efficiency and Development of Continuous-type Jig Using Restraining Wall (download)
Thiloththama Hiranya Kumari NAWARATHNA (D), Effect of biomacromolecules on calcium carbonate formation and sand solidification induced by urease-based mineralization (download)
Wilson MWANDIRA (D), Development of bioremediation methods for soil and water contaminated with heavy metals in Kabwe mine (download)
Xinlong LI (D), Effects of Ferric Ions on Carrier-microencapsulation for Suppressing Pyrite Oxidation (download)
Nishadi Nayanthara PAHALAGE (M), Optimization of microbial induced carbonate precipitation by native ureolytic bacteria for stabilizing beach sand in Sri Lanka (download)