Thesis/Dissertation Abstracts

Division of Materials Science and Engineering
David CEMPEL (D), Use of Coated Electrode in Microwave-Induced Plasma-in-Liquid Process to Synthesize Metal Nanoparticles (download)
Jeem MELBERT (D), Submerged Photo-synthesis of ZnO nanorods and their Opto-electrical properties (download)
Ryan Dula CORPUZ (D), Chemical and Physical Synthesis of Cationically Charged Photoluminescent Noble Metal Nanoclusters (download)
Chaomei LIU (M), Effect of catalyst on hydrogen desorption in hydrogen storage material (download)
Chuchen Duan (M), Thermoelectric properties of Y-doped SrTiO3 prepared by solution combustion synthesis with post-spark plasma sintering (download)
Julalak YOOLERD (M), Encapsulation of Al-based microspheres for high temperature thermal energy storage (download)
Ziwei CHEN (M), Development of F82H composite materials with a high thermal conductivity (download)
Division of Mechanical and Space Engineering
Brett Stephen JOHNSON (M), A Metaheuristic Approach to Aerodynamic Shape Optimization of Wing Sections (download)
Delburg Panes MITCHAO (M), Preliminary Thermal Design of Micro-satellites Deployed from Japan Experimental Module Small Satellite Orbital Deployer (download)
Landon Thomas KAMPS (M), Reconstruction Techniques for Evaluating Fuel Mass Consumption and Nozzle Throat Erosion in Hybrid Rockets (download)
Division of Human Mechanical Systems and Design
Lionel Matias Sobehart (D), Control and Identiļ¬cation Framework for Modularized Robot Platform (download)
Santoshi SAHA (M), Deformation Analysis of Aluminum (Al) Based Composite Materials Containing Graphite and Carbon Fiber (download)
Division of Energy and Environmental Systems
Abhay Kumar n/a (M), Monolayer graphene for proton exchange membrane and catalyst layer in PEM fuel cells (download)
Division of Quantum Science and Engineering
CHAN, Poh Kam (D), Study on quantum mechanical drift motion and expansion of variance of a charged particle in non-uniform electromagnetic fields (download)
Division of Field Engineering for the Environment
Jagriti MISHRA (D), Erosion in Bedrock and Alluvial Meanders through Two Dimensional Numerical Models, Laboratory Experiments and Field Observations (download)
Jinyuan WANG (D), Laboratory study on mechanical properties of frozen clay through state concept (download)
Srikrishnan SIVA SUBRAMANIAN (D), Numerical modelling and geomechanical analyses of soil slope stability evaluation in seasonal cold regions (download)
Sytharith PEN (D), Bed instability in suspended load-dominated environments (download)
Binh Thanh NGUYEN (M), Effect evaluation of grass on infiltration and seepage of volcanic soil ground (download)
Hiroki OKACHI (M), Field observation and wind tunnel experiment of sea spray size distribution under strong wind conditions
Kattia Rubi ARNEZ FERREL (M), Modelling of Cantilever Failures with Slump Blocks and Plan Form Evolution in Curved Open Channels (download)
Peng JIN (M), Effect of grass roots on deformation-strength characteristics of a volcanic coarse-grained soil (download)
Randulph Paulo Bernabe MORALES (M), Combined Effects of Local Slope and Pressure Gradient on Bed Instability (download)
Ryo YAMAUCHI (M), Bearing capacity characteristics of the small diameter spiral pile against H - V - M combined load and its estimation method (download)
Ryosuke TAKAHASHI (M), The relationship between water-related disasters and poverty in Yangon city, Myanmar (download)
Sristi Das GUPTA (M), Monitoring of the Corrosion of Reinforcing Steel Bar in RC Slab by Electrochemical Method (download)
Yong HOU (M), Study on Effect of Steam Curing on Frost damage of Fly Ash Concrete (download)
Division of Engineering and Policy for Sustainable Environment
Pengru DENG (D), Fracture Mechanics Based Fatigue Life Prediction Method for RC Slabs in a Punching Shear Failure Mode (download)
Rahmat ULLAH (D), Mechanical behavior of reinforced concrete beams with locally corroded shear reinforcement (download)
Shanya ORASUTTHIKUL (D), Rehabilitation of corrosion damaged reinforced concrete beams with recycled nylon fiber reinforced sprayed polymer cement mortar (download)
Chang CHE (M), Adaptation of Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) for Elderly Drivers (download)
Pattharaphon CHINDASIRIPHAN (M), Self-healing Ability of Concrete Made with Fly Ash and Superabsorbent Polymer (download)
Subaru SHIMIZU (M), Modelling of Cantilever Failures with Slump Blocks and Plan Form Evolution in Curved Open Channels (download)
Teeranai SRIMAHACHOTA (M), Experimental Study on the Dynamics of Washboard Road on Various Surfaces (download)
Thanakit VORAVUTVITYARUK (M), Behavior of Concrete Confined by Jute Natural Fiber Reinforced Polymer with Heat Treatment (download)
Yiming GUO (M), Properties of Basalt Fiber Reinforced Mortar Exposed to Freeze-Thaw and Chloride-rich Environments (download)
Division of Architectural and Structural Design
Huda Mohamed Rashid AL KHAYARI (M), Social Interaction of Current Omani Houses: Spatial Configuration Factors Affecting Family Interaction
Division of Environmental Engineering
Benedicte Carolle Wind-Yam NIKIEMA (D), Development of a system for nutrients recovery from hydrolyzed urine by forward osmosis concentration
Kalahe Panditha Koralage Mohan AMARASIRI (D), Human enteric virus removal from wastewater: Contribution of specific interaction (download)
Kanae KOBAYASHI (M), Dual nitrogen and oxygen isotope effects of anaerobic ammonium oxidation (download)
Lin GAO (M), Biological Hydroxylamine Disproportionation Mediated by Anaerobic Ammonium Oxidation Bacteria (download)
Megumi Saito (M), Combined system of FO and RO for energy recovery from wastewater and water desalination of seawater (download)
Minami FUJIOKA (M), Development of solid fertilizer production process from dairy liquid waste (download)
Peiyi YANG (M), Identification of Bacterial Genes Responsible for Producing Norovirus-Binding Glycoconjugates (download)
Rimana Islam PAPRY (M), Influence of Anodic Respiration on SMP Production and Consequent Membrane Fouling of Fouling Causing Bacteria (download)
Toshihiko Iida (M), Improvement and upscaling of baffled membrane bioreactor (BMBR) by modelling approach (download)
Ziran YANG (M), Identification of contaminative microorganisms in potassium recovery system and inhibition of growth (download)
Division of Sustainable Resources Engineering
Banthasith VONGPHUTHONE (D), Factors affecting arsenic content of unconsolidated sediments and its mobilization (download)
Khandala KHAMPHILA (D), Comparison of adsorption and post-adsorption behavior of oxyanions between ferrihydrite and schwertmannite (download)
Khy Eam EANG (D), Geochemistry, Evolution and Mixing Estimation of Groundwater for Identifying Zones Affecting the Stability of Rock Slopes (download)
Nadeeka Dilrukshi RANASINGHA ARACHCHILLAGE (D), Low environmental impact type ground improvement methods using biomineral precipitation (download)
Pawit TANGVIROON (D), Study on the Effects of Covering and Adsorption layers on Immobilizing Arsenic from Hydrothermally Altered Rock (download)
Cedric MBA ALLOGO (M), Comparative leaching behaviour of Manganese from manganese ores
Chimwemwe Nelson BANDAZI (M), Measurement and analysis of rock slope displacement at Higashi Shikagoe limestone quarry, Japan (download)
Kanako TODA (M), Key Factors of Metastable Phase Formation for Strength Development in Steel Slag-Dredged Soil Mixtures (download)
Rongrit PONGSUMRANKUL (M), Improvement of gold leaching from crushed electronic wastes by physical separation techniques (download)
Thao Thi Phuong NGUYEN (M), Redox potential dependence of chalcopyrite leaching in acidic ferric chloride solutions (download)
Umali Muhammad YASIDU (M), Water Vapour Diffusion in Sandstones and Roof Fall Accidents in Selected Underground Coal Mines in Malawi (download)
Vothy HORNN (M), oil agglomeration-flotation of finely ground chalcopyrite (download)