Thesis/Dissertation Abstracts

Division of Applied Physics
LIAN Zhengqin (M), Picosecond laser ultrasonics measurment of grating structure with surface plasmons
Division of Materials Science and Engineering
Hubby IZZUDDIN (D), Study on High-Temperature Corrosion of Ni-based Alloys in Atmosphere Containing Alkali Metal Chloride Vapor (download)
Jingming SHI (D), The effect of point defects on irradiation damage of Fe-based composite materials for fusion reactor
LEI Yu (D), Study on Cu-containing High Entropy Alloys for Nuclear Fusion Application (download)
Shenghua ZHANG (D), Development of γ/α Transformable FeCrAl Oxide Dispersion Strengthened (ODS) Alloys by Cobalt and Nickel Addition (download)
BILAL Muhammad (M), High-Throughput Electrochemical Fabrication of Localized Surface Patterns Using 3D Printed Solution Flow-type Microdroplet Cell (download)
JIANG Dongyang (M), Effect of solute atoms on the dislocation loop evolution in FeCrAl model alloys (download)
RISMA YULITA SUNDAWA (M), The effects of microstructure on the oxidation performance of gamma + beta two-phase NiFeCrAl alloys (download)
Division of Mechanical and Space Engineering
DEBBARMA Tolstoy (M), Development of a discrete multi-component fuel droplet evaporation model and its validation
Kiryu HIRAMATSU (M), Molecular dynamics study of kinetic boundary condition at an interface between locally heated argon liquid and its vapor phase (download)
Lisa KAGEYAMA (M), Development of a Hybrid Rocket Nozzle for In-space Propulsion (download)
Mishal (M), Effects of vacuum environment on fatigue crack closure in high strength steel (download)
MODI Sourav Kumar (M), A study on internal fatigue crack behaviour originating from non-metallic inclusion in high strength steel (download)
WAIHENYA Cynthia Mugure (M), Numerical Simulation of Two-Phase flow in a Straight Horizontal pipe (download)
Division of Human Mechanical Systems and Design
Eduardo Narvaez FUERTES (D), VTOL-UAV Docking System for Heterogeneous Multi-Robot Team (download)
CHEBBI Nour (M), Development of cells separation technique according to their mechanical properties using Surface Acoustic Waves (download)
LAI MUN KIT (M), Identification of leader cells in cell migration by filopodia using computer vision (download)
LEI Yayun (M), Semantic image segmentation on snow driving scenarios (download)
LYU Yan (M), Measurement of cellular traction forces during endothelial to mesenchymal transition (download)
Division of Energy and Environmental Systems
Nassim Florian SAHBOUN (D), Investigation of Corium/Debris Field Behavior for Decommissioning and Nuclear Safety Assessment (download)
Neetu TIWARI (D), CFD assisted flow field measurement of Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Fluid flows
FENG Kai (M), Experimental research of Particle Concentration Patterns in a Tornado-like flow (download)
LI Yuanzhe (M), Study on Partial Oxidation Processes of Post-fuel Injection in Diesel Engines (download)
QIN Tian (M), Development of Hierarchical Domain Decomposition Boundary Element Method for the Multi-group Simplified Pn Equation (download)
TUDANDANDA (M), Study on improvements of gasoline compression ignition combustion with ozone addition and two-stage direct fuel injections (download)
Division of Quantum Science and Engineering
LIU Jiandi (D), Studies on synthesis characteristics and mechanism of cuprous oxide nanoparticles by plasma-assisted electrolysis (download)
DONG Kaiyue (M), The structure investigation of Pt nanoclusters on a flat carbon support – a model catalyst for fuel cell electrode by operando BCLA+BI-XAFS method (download)
LU Bang (M), 3D Structure Determination of Active Pt Species on Al2O3 Single-Crystal Surface During CO Oxidation by Operando PTRF-XAFS Technique (download)
Division of Field Engineering for the Environment
Binh Thanh NGUYEN (D), Effect evaluation of grass on an unsaturated volcanic soil slope stability in seasonal cold region
Kattia Rubi ARNEZ FERREL (D), A combined approach to study meander migration in a river of the Bolivian Amazon basin: The case of the Ichilo river (download)
Tianshu LIN (D), Influence of dynamic mechanical properties of subgrade soil in cold climate on fatigue life of road pavement
YANG Jia Qiang (D), Methods for estimating permanent deformation of unsaturated aging railroad ballast under cyclic loading (download)
CHEN Ke (M), A Unified Frozen-unfrozen Elasto-viscoplastic Model for Saturated Clay (download)
KEBA Lukueta Eric (M), Risk assessment of unstable ground due to cavity based on rigid plastic finite element method RPFEM (download)
OROZCO Varie John Camingawan (M), A Simplified 3D Soil Deformation Measurement under Uniaxial Compression Test using PIV and Stereophotogrammetry (download)
VIOS Nicole Alexis Kwan (M), Analytical Method for Concrete Sustainability Evaluation considering Regional Characteristics in Japan (download)
WU Zhenyu (M), Earthquake-induced and historic landslide susceptibility mapping using machine learning methods in the 2018 Hokkaido Eastern Iburi earthquake area (download)
WU Zhuyuan (M), Cyclic steps of permanent form created by long-runout turbidity currents (download)
Yusuke YOSHIDA (M), Transition of Japanese Technical Cooperation with Developing Countries for the Capacity Development of Infrastructure Management (download)
Division of Engineering and Policy for Sustainable Environment
Arslan Qayyum KHAN (D), Boundary Conditions of Panel RC Slabs for Realistic Fatigue Behavior Analysis of Bridge RC Slabs
Liang liang WEI (D), Characterizations of RC Beams Intervened by ICCP-SS System with Externally Bonded Carbon-FRCM Composites (download)
Miaochang ZHU (D), Bond behavior and degradation mechanisms of Multi-functional Fabric Reinforced Cementitious Matrix (MFRCM) composites used for ICCP-SS (download)
Pattharaphon CHINDASIRIPHAN (D), Evaluation of Self-healing Ability of Concrete Produced with Supplementary Cementitious Materials and Superabsorbent Polymer
Yafen ZHANG (D), Application of Information technology to Maintenance Management of Civil Infrastructure with BIM Collaboration Platform
FANG Yanfeng (M), Optimal deployment of connected and autonomous vehicle links under stochastic demand (download)
Haruna MINAKAWA (M), General prediction model of stress-strain relationships for confined concrete in 3D space (download)
LOU Yu (M), Optimal Station Location of Capacity-limited Dockless Bike-sharing System with Elastic Demand (download)
SOE AUNG (M), Simulation-Based Forecasting the Impacts of Self-Driving Vehicles on Traffic Flow in Expressway (download)
YAHAGI Kota (M), Introduction of Monthly Flat Rate Fare and Ride-hailing Service in Public Transportation of Rural Area (download)
Division of Architectural and Structural Design
Anastasiia PAUKAEVA (D), Public Open Space Design based on People's Perception using Social Media in Winter Cities (Designing public open spaces in Winter Cities, analyzing people's perceptions through social media)
IKOGBA Kelvin Obokparo (M), Effect of Damping Models on the Nonlinear Time-History Response of Steel Braced Frames (download)
ZHANG Ruomin (M), Evaluation on Concrete Material Properties using Energy Dissipation Rate Control for Compression Test (download)
Division of Human Environmental System
Sunghoon SEOL (D), Study on Adsorption Heat Pump Using Composite Natural Mesoporous Material as Low-Carbon Air Conditioning (download)
Division of Environmental Engineering
FARAH ELIDA BINTI SELAMAT (D), Health risks due to road traffic noise: Mapping health effects for risk communication and mitigation of the risks by shifting to electric vehicles (download)
Geun-Yong HAM (D), Study on the bio-drying process for mixed MSW treatment
Kanae KOBAYASHI (D), Coupled nitrogen and oxygen isotope effects of anaerobic ammonium oxidation (anammox) (download)
Akimichi KAMIZONO (M), Effects of Salinity on Anammox Bacteria Population Dynamics (download)
GALVAO FERNANDES Helmano David (M), Application of Nanobubble Backwashing for Membrane Fouling Mitigation in Submerged MBRs (download)
GUAN Zihao (M), Insolubilization of lead contained in MSW fly ash by co-heating with aluminosilicates (download)
Hideki SAKAMOTO (M), Mitigation of membrane fouling in flat-sheet ceramic membranes used for drinking water treatment: Effects of intensive membrane cleaning for high-flux operation (download)
Kanta TOMINAGA (M), Isolation and Characterization of Biopolymers in Surface Water (download)
Nao SHIMIZU (M), Exploration of Anaerobic Nitrite Oxidizing Bacteria (download)
Ryosuke MATSUO (M), Fabrication of a Semiconductor Photocatalyst ZnO/CuO and Its Hydrogen Generation Performance (download)
Shou OGASAWARA (M), Concentration of Anaerobic Digestate of Livestock Excreta by Forward Osmosis: Practical Methods for Mitigation of Membrane Fouling (download)
YE Shaoyu (M), Oxygen tolerance of Anammox bacteria and its enzymic mechanisms (download)
Yoichi TSUBOKAWA (M), Phosphorus fractions in urban rivers and their dramatic changes in downstream small eutrophic lake (download)
Division of Sustainable Resources Engineering
Gowthaman SIVAKUMAR (D), Experimental Study on Near-surface Stabilization of Slopes in Cold Region using Bio-mediated Geotechnical Engineering
HO Gia Duc (D), pH-dependent leaching of arsenic from shield-tunneling excavated soils and its countermeasures (download)
Kanako TODA (D), Key factors affecting the pozzolanic reaction of steel slag-dredged soil mixtures -From inorganic and organic perspectives- (download)
Lutfian RUSDI DARYONO (D), Beachrock formation mechanism and its application to developing beach sand cementation method based on microbial induced carbonate precipitation: Case study of Krakal-Sadranan, Yogyakarta, Indonesia (download)
Natatsawas SOONTHORNWIPHAT (D), Applicability and long-term safety assessment of geopolymer and cement disposal systems for spent titanate adsorbent from decontamination of wastewater at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (download)
PHIRI Cryton (D), Adsorption behavior of tailings in drainages and storage ponds of the Zambian copperbelt: Implications for wastewater treatment and tailings resuse options (download)
SILWAMBA Marthias (D), Development of the detoxification method for zinc plant leach residues by removing heavy metals using coupled extraction-cementation (CEC) process (download)
Thao Thi Phuong NGUYEN (D), Mechanism of redox potential dependent –  chalcopyrite dissolution in acidic ferric chloride solutions
Vothy HORNN (D), Development of Agglomeration-Flotation of Finely Ground Copper Sulfides
Kosei AIKAWA (M), Studies on the factors to suppress lead-activated sphalerite in flotation of seafloor massive sulfide ores (download)
Division of Cooperative Program for Resources Engineering
AMIR UBAIDAH BIN MOHD ZUKI (M), Investigating low salinity water effect in sandstone reservoir by experiments and geochemical simulation (download)
CHINOSENGWA Sharrydon Bright (M), Cementation of gold from ammonium thiosulfate solutions using activated carbon and aluminum and its application to gold ore processing (download)
HONG Seunggwan (M), Microencapsulation using ferrous and phosphate ion for selective flotation of chalcopyrite and molybdenite (download)