Apply for acceptance letter

MEXT: Embassy Recommended Candidates

After you pass the first round of screening at a Japanese embassy you will be asked to obtain a "Letter of Acceptance" from the graduate schools of your choice. In order to receive acceptance letter from our program, please prepare the listed below documents and send them by e-mail. Please contact us as soon as possible after the announcement of the screening results. 

Japanese Embassy nominated candidates can be accepted as research students or apply directly for the graduate school if they qualify for direct enrollment. Candidates accepted as Research Students may enroll in a Master's or Doctoral program in either October or April after passing the enrollment screening.

CSC Scholarship Applicants

If you are applying for Chinese Council Scholarship you are required to submit an acceptance letter from a prospective supervisor.

Depending on the university of your origin submission deadlines may vary. Irrespectively of Hokkaido University's deadline please make sure to confirm the submission deadlines with your home unievrsity by yourself and inform us when turning in your application.

Application guidelines in Chinese and Japanese are available at this website (new guidelines are usually uploaded at the end of a year).

  CSC Program (Scholarship Program supported by China Scholarship Council)

To obtain the letter through our program please prepare the listed below documents and send it to us well ahead of the deadline.

The originals of the listed in the guidelines above documents (except the Letter of Acceptance) shall be submitted by post: CSC-supported candidate application and CV,  Research Proposal, Latest Graduation/Expected graduation certificate, latest transcript.

If you could be accepted by the desired laboratory, we will ask the professor to issue a "Letter of Acceptance" and submit it to Office of International Affairs with your other documents.

Other Scholarships

If your scholarship requires a letter from accepting university, we may prepare a conditional offer letter. Please prepare and send us by e-mail the documents listed below. Please contact e3 program well in advance of the submission deadline to your scholarship foundation.


List of the documents
  1. e3 application form
    Please write the names of 2 laboratories you are interested in.
    Download application form
    (PDF format) (Word format)
  2. CSC-supported candidate application (for China Scholarship Council applicants only)
    Link to the application form
  3. Education history
    Download education history format
    (Excel format)
  4. Research proposal
    Please prepare well thought out research proposal(s). Longer proposal is expected from doctoral course applicants. If you are applying for two laboratories with different research scope, please prepare two proposals.
  5. An attested copy of academic transcripts both for bachelor and master’s courses if you are (OR going to be) awarded master degree.
    If your study is on-going, the transcript should include the records available at the time of your application.
  6. Graduation/expected graduation certificate (original) or photocopy of diploma for each graduated university program.
    Prepare the most recent provisional certificate if you haven’t graduated yet. The expected graduation certificate must show the expected date of your graduation.
    If your university does not issue an expected graduation certificate, please obtain a certificate of enrollment which shows the expected date of graduation. Once you get a diploma, please submit a copy.
  7. 2 recommendation letters
    One of the letters shall be provided by your supervisor in the most recently graduated/expected to graduate school. You may use the format provided by e3 or any other format.
    Download recommendation letter format
    (PDF format) (Word format)
  8. English test score or a medium of instruction certificate issued by your university
  9. Abstract(s) of graduation thesis(es)
  10. Abstract(s) of paper(s) you have published.
    It should clearly show the publication details
  11. Photocopy of your passport showing your photo and nationality
  12. Scholarship information form (not required for MEXT and CSC applicants)
    Download scholarship information form
    (Word format)
  13. Letter/certificate of passing preliminary screening of the scholarship (if available)
  14. (MEXT Embassy) Copy of  the documents submitted to the embassy (MEXT application form, placing preference form etc)
Application calendar

Please contact e3 program well ahead of the deadline for submission of the acceptance letter to the embassy/CSC or conditional offer letter to other organization.