Events/Reports  /  14.12.2016

eVision Sep-Oct 2016 edition is up!

Find more about everyday life, research and cultural experiences of e3 members in the eVision, a newsletter prepared by e3 students. With a little delay issue of September-October 2016 is out now.


Events/Reports  /  18.05.2016

New alumni voice published: Shuto KANEKO (Japan)

Shuto Kaneko, recent e3 graduate and very active member of e3 Student Organization kindly provided us a little essay on his experiences during the Master's program.
We hope it will encourage more Japanese students to challenge Engineering degree in English!

Article by Shuto KANEKO

Events/Reports  /  26.04.2016

Laboratories' profiles intrduction

New improved look of laboratories search, connected to laboratories' homa page, HU researchers database and alumni database is introduced to help you navigate the research fields offered in e3.

Laboratory profile

Events/Reports  /  25.01.2016

eVision January 2016 edition is up!

Second issue of re-born e-vision, fresh and full of exciting materials about everyday life, research and cultural experiences of e3 members is up now!


Events/Reports  /  01.09.2015

e3 15th Anniversary Seminar

The English Engineering Education Program welcomes back it’s graduates!

Eleven alumni as well as speakers from Hokkaido University and industry will talk about globalization and educational issues, skills necessary for those of you aspiring for global careers, and the transition from academia to industry.

Anniversary Seminar Poster Design HU