Laboratory of Soil Mechanics
Satoshi Nishimura

As of October 18, 2021

Basic information


Field Engineering for the Environment

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Faculty members accepting applicants

NISHIMURA Satoshi (Prof.), WATABE Yoichi (Prof.), FUKUDA Fumihiko (Assist. Prof.)

About the laboratory


Please see each academics' website:

Organization of research

Please see each academics' website

Ongoing projects

You can find examples on our websites (see above), but the projects change dynamically.

Please ask individual academics.

Enrolled students' research topics

The topic shall be decided based on discussion between the student and the supervisor. The student needs to be flexible in what he or she will study. However, we still need for the applicants to write their own proposal, to check the basic understanding of the geotechnical engineering.

Information for potential applicants

Applicants' background

Knowledge of soil mechanics and civil engineering basics are strongly desired.

Who should apply?

Those who are interested in soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering. Please see individual academics' website and see if the ongoing projects match your interest.

How to choose a research proposal topic?

The topic will be decided by discussion between the student and supervisor.

How the research proposal is evaluated?

We evaluate the proposal at all aspects, including the understanding of the topic, proficiency of English, logic building ability, editing ability, etc.

Plan to accept applicants

Application type Enrollment semester Master’s course Doctoral course Comments
MEXT Scholarship (Uniform call) Oct. 2022
MEXT Embassy
e3 Special Selection Oct. 2022

How to apply

Please follow the application procedure for the respective application category announced at the e3 web page.

Accepting Research Students

We accept research students depending on the number of students we have at the moment. Please ask directly.

Availability of financial support

Please check the e3 web page for information about the scholarships and other financial support.


If you have any inquiries about the application and admission procedures etc., please contact the e3 office. You can submit your application on-line during the "matching period" irrespective of prior contact with potential supervisor(s).


List of current e3 students


SANAGA Pardhu Reddy, SARMAH Rupali

Alumni and their publications

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Egy Crystal SOESILO


CHEN Ke, Jinyuan WANG


Maria Fernanda RIVAS



Sri Lanka

Nilan Ranjana Weerakoon WEERAKOON MUDIYANSELAGE, Udeshika Dilani THENUWARA


Delvin Abdiel MARTINEZ


Anand PANTA, Anand PANTA, Bhakta Raj JOSHI


Fernnie Makilang MAGALONA, OROZCO Varie John Camingawan


Nikol Kochmanová


Seng Sochan, Vuthy Horng

Sri Lanka