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Basic information about Faculty, Graduate school and School of Engineering.

Messsage from the Dean

The guiding principles of the Graduate School of Engineering stem from Hokkaido University's basic philosophies; Frontier Spirit, Global Perspectives, All-round Education and Practical Learning.

Education Philosophy

Engineering has an important role to enrich the future of this planet through the creation and development of science and technology, and significantly contributes to the happiness and welfare of mankind.


In 1924 the Faculty of Engineering was established.


We introduce how to get to Hokkaido University from Sapporo Station and from Narita International Airport.


We introduce our facilities and buildings.

Wireless LAN for use in public space

You can use the wireless LAN for use in public space.


Faculty of Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, School of Engineering Hokkaido University 2020-2021 (English)


PR magazine "EngineeRing"

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