Education Philosophy

Role of Engineering

Engineering has an important role to enrich the future of this planet through the creation and development of science and technology, and significantly contributes to the happiness and welfare of mankind.

The School of Engineering and The Graduate School of Engineering contributes to

  1. construction of a safe and peaceful society and to the development of local, domestic and worldwide communities, through the creation of scientific technologies well by our society,
  2. technological innovation for the creation of a highly developed society, that is an environmentally harmonized, a high recycling oriented and an advanced information dependent society, and
  3. development of new fields in science and technology.

The aim of The School of Engineering and The Graduate School of the Engineering is to educate students to be excellent engineers and researchers in the future.

Goal of Education

The goals of education are as follows;

  1. to educate students to become engineers and researchers trusted by society and capable of considering both scientific technology and culture for the benefit of all mankind,
  2. to educate students to actively develop new fields in science and technology based upon acquired basic and professional knowledge, and
  3. to educate students with leadership skills and excellent flexibility for active involvement in local, domestic and worldwide communities, by the communication and dissemination of information on advanced topics in science and technology.

Education in The School of Engineering and The Graduate School of Engineering

The School of Engineering and The Graduate School of Engineering offer the acquirement of a state-of-the-art knowledge of science and engineering, and advanced education that leads to the creation of new science and engineering and plays a role in enhancing human development.

In The School of Engineering, students

  1. learn the relation of science and technology with society and culture, and develop their ability in foreign languages such as English in preparation for a role in international society, by following the overall basic education,
  2. obtain basic scientific knowledge through engineering education and understand how to develop in numerous fields by using this engineering knowledge, following the basic education in science and engineering,
  3. obtain professional knowledge by education in specialized fields required for engineers and researchers, and
  4. learn how to employ scientific logic, and develop skills in creativity, and techniques for debate and presentation, by studying for the Bachelor thesis.

Our education program for engineering has excelled at an international level, and offers the opportunity for students to develop social responsibilities as engineers. The program also enhances their scientific and technological creativity and motivation for academic study.

In The Graduate School of Engineering graduate students

  1. select two specialized fields in the undergraduate course, in order to broaden their education and to deepen their specialized knowledge,
  2. develop creative skills and the ability for international communication, which are required in a society undergoing rapid change, by studying for the Master or Doctor thesis, and
  3. acquire the ability to work as international scientists and/or engineers, through education with heavy emphasis on skills in international communication.

The Graduate School of Engineering widely accepts engineers and researchers from industry and people from other fields as graduate students. They can benefit from advanced studies in the graduate course. This program greatly contributes to the deepening of collaborations between the university and society.

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