Wireless LAN for use in public space

Who can use the wireless LAN ?

Wireless LAN for use inpublic spaces is available with identification, for faculty members (SSO-ID), for students, graduate students and so forth (ELMS-ID) and iiC-ID for others.


Furthermore, it is possible to use the wireless LAN network "eduroam" in the access area of the Education Information System wireless LAN (ELMS Wireless LAN system), which has a different wireless LAN infrastructure to the wireless LAN for use in public spaces. In addition to this, it is possible to provide a guest ID to access eduroam for participants of events, academic conferences etc. (from outside the university).

eduroam(IEEE802.11b/g) eduroam(IEEE802.11b/g)

For more details, see the HINES website (Japanese) or Hines World Handbook (PDF:26MB)

Where in the facilities you can use the wireless LAN ?

You can use the wireless LAN at the following area.

  • Entrance Lobby, Open Hall, Executive Conference Room, Meeting Room, Academic Lounge 1,2,3
  • B11,B12 B31,B32, C206,C207,C208,C209, C212,C213,C214, C307,C308,C309,C310, L252,L300, M153,M152(4), Hall in M Building
  • N207,N301,N302,N303,N304,N307,P354
  • 3F and 4F Student Room in Civil Engineering Research Building
  • MC101,MC102,MC117,MC208,MC213,MC214,MC215, MC201, MC204,MC526, MC527, MC030 in Materials Engineering and Chemistry Building
  • 1F and 2F at Frontier Research in Applied Sciences Building
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