Wireless LAN for use in public space

Who can use the wireless LAN ?

Wireless LAN for use inpublic spaces is available with identification, for faculty members (SSO-ID), for students, graduate students and so forth (ELMS-ID) and iiC-ID for others.


Furthermore, it is possible to use the wireless LAN network "eduroam" in the access area of the Education Information System wireless LAN (ELMS Wireless LAN system), which has a different wireless LAN infrastructure to the wireless LAN for use in public spaces. In addition to this, it is possible to provide a guest ID to access eduroam for participants of events, academic conferences etc. (from outside the university).

eduroam eduroam

For more details, see Reference of Information Security and Campus Network HINES WORLD or HINES website (Japanese)

Where in the facilities can I use the wireless LAN ?

You can use the wireless LAN at the following area.

  • Entrance Lobby, Open Hall, Executive Conference Room, Meeting Room (A1-01, A1-17, A1-51, A1-70), Academic Lounge 1,2,3
  • B11,B12,B31,B32, C206,C207,C208,C209, C212,C213,C214, C307, C308,C309,C310, L252, L300
  • M104,M153,M152(4), Hall/Lobby in M Building, N207,N301,N302,N303,N304,N307,P354
  • 3F - 4F Student Room, 2F-4F Refleash Rounge in Civil Engineering Research Building
  • D101, D102,D201,D202 in Common Experiment Building
  • MC101,MC117, MC201,MC204,MC208, MC213,MC214,MC215, MC030, MC205,MC206,MC207, MC425,MC629,MC813, MC508,MC526,MC527, MC303,MC501,MC701, Open Space(3F,5F), in Materials Engineering and Chemistry Building
  • 1F - 2F Entrance Hall, Lecture Hall, Foyer, 1-01(1),1-01(2),2-01(1),2-01(2), 2-05,3-07,5-12 at Frontier Research in Applied Sciences Building
  • Wb204 Center for Advanced Research of Energy and Materials
  • A11,A12,A13, A21,A22,A23,A24, A31,A32,A33, Hall (1F-2F), Foyer, Research Rounge(2F,3F,5F,7F,9F,11F), 3-21,5-08,6-05,11-17, Hall(3F-11F) in IST Building
  • Library (B2-102, MC200, IST Library)
(Apr., 2023)
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