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Division Chairmen 2016-17

Division Chairmen List 2016-17

Division1 April 2016 - 31 March 2017office
Applied Physics Kazutoshi GOHARA A2-26
Materials Science and Engineering Kazuhiko IWAI MC723
Mechanical and Space Engineering Takashi NAKAMURA A5-31
Human Mechanical Systems and Design Katsuhiko SASAKI A6-22
Energy and Environmental Systems Tamotsu KOZAKI A3-33
Quantum Science and Engineering Masato ONUMA A4-21
Field Engineering for the Environment Yasuyuki SHIMIZU A4-15
Engineering and Policy for Sustainable Environment Takashi MATSUMOTO A5-08
Architectural and Structural Design Tsuyoshi SETOGUCHI A2-01
Human Environmental Systems Masanori IIBA A6-03
Environmental Engineering Toshihito MATSUI A5-15
Sustainable Resources Engineering Tsutomu SATO A6-16

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