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e3 alumni career talk seminar

For students who are considering career in Japan or industrial career and especially those who are not yet considering it, e3 organizes one more career seminar. This time we are specially inviting e3 alumni working in the industry. Join to learn more about Job Hunting and corporate environment and ask your questions.

As we would like to know the number of participants, please kindly register by January 21st!

Also, as usually if you have any comments or requests – I will pass them to the guests.

 <Why to join?>
Job hunting is very standardized process in Japan, but things are different for PhD or foreigners (or foreign PhDs). Nobody will offer you a
ready made solution. And first of all, you should concider if you really want to work in Japan, and why? We want you think about this and many other questions together and be prepared for your future career now! E3 career orientations is e3 initiative to help you to plan your future career with focus on Japan.

Our guests, each of whom has different career path, will talk about their job hunting experience and everyday work in the company.
Short presentations will be followed by the group discussion session – where you can freely ask your questions or hear off the record opinions.
<About the guests>
e3 veterans must still remember our first two guests who god phd degrees from e3 in 2012 and 2013 respectively.And many know our third guest, as he is currently doing Phd in e3.

Mr. Qingxin TANG (from China), class of 2012 - a metallurgist (material engineer) at the TOYO Engineering (Tokyo).
Hem Ramrav (from Cambodia), class of 2013 - researcher at the Geoenvironment lab, Toyo Construction.
Abhijeet Ravankar (from India) currently Phd student in Robotics and Dynamics laboratory, engineer at Panasonic in 2011-2014, was awarded 'Panasonic President's Award' for excellence in work and bringing potential business plans.