Course of Civil Engineering
Course of Public Policy and Engineering

The Courses of Civil Engineering and Public Policy and Engineering have a long history and traditions, and have produced many civil engineers and researchers. Their predecessor was the Department of Civil Engineering, one of the four departments set up in 1925 when the School of Engineering was established at Hokkaido University.

With the reorganization of the School of Engineering in April 2005, the Department of Civil Engineering was converted to the new course system by separating it into two courses to enhance its educational structure and to train human resources capable of contributing to the society of the future.

Two important roles that society demands from civil engineering in recent years are the globalization of technology, that is, taking leadership on international projects and development and deployment of optimal technologies from a global perspectiveムand the management of technology, or properly linking technologies (hardware) with policies (software) based on a public welfare perspective.

Accordingly, in the Course of Civil Engineering we train engineers who have a firm grounding in international culture and strong English-language abilities and are capable of playing active roles in international society through building safe, comfortable infrastructure that realizes coexistence with nature and is grounded in a global perspective. In the Course of Public Policy and Engineering, we train human resources with comprehensive management capabilities from the drafting of policies through their implementation in the areas of land conservation, land planning, and urban planning, all based on new technologies.

One truly unique aspect of the education here is that, since 2012, the Course of Civil Engineering has endeavored to become a truly international program by conducting most courses in English. This is a continuation of the English-language postgraduate education offered by the Division of Field Engineering for the Environment and the Division of Engineering and Policy for Sustainable Environment. The Course also actively sends students overseas and accepts international students.

In these ways, the two courses both deploy world-class education, based on a strong understanding of the globalization of technology and technology management, throughout the undergraduate and postgraduate education, and provide career guidance above and beyond that provided by the University's Career Center.



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