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4月22日に今年度の4年生の研究室配属が決定し、3名が新しく構造システム研究室の仲間となりました! 5月7日には顔合わせと歓迎会を行いました。今年度も元気に活動してゆきます!



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Photos in the laboratory

Thinking about the "Shape" of the Future from an Environmental Perspective

Welcome to the Structural Mechanics and System Laboratory at Hokkaido University! We seek to create better living and social infrastructures from the viewpoint of structural mechanics, targeting structures in real space and subject to various force actions, temperature changes, and environmental changes. Things that serve people's lives and protect their safety in severe and new environments. Through their development, we think about our better future.

News and Topics

Welcoming New Members!

We welcomed 3 undergraduate students and held a welcome party at the Torinosuke Yakitori Bar. We are really looking forward to collaborating with many people this year!

Open Laboratory 2024

We will hold open laboratory events for new senior students in the civil engineering courses. Visit the event website for detailed information. (ELMS user only)

Excellent Student Presentation Award of Japan Society of Civil Engineers Hokkaido Branch

A senior undergraduate student, Kakeru Komuro, was awarded the Excellent Student Presentation Award of the Japan Society of Civil Engineers Hokkaido Branch for his paper, A Study on Point Cloud Data Acquisition Method for Small Scale Bridge. Authors are Kakeru Komuro, Meiyo Yoshida, Yasunori Miyamori, Takanori Kadota, and Takehiko Saito. We appreciate the co-authors and other collaborators.

Isamu Hiroi Commemorative Award and Dean's Award for Academic Achievemet at the School of Engineering Hokkaido University

A senior undergraduate student, Haruki Ouchi, won the Isamu Hiroi Commemorative Award and Dean's Award for Academic Achievement at the School of Engineering Hokkaido University, which is acknowledged for his excellent academic achievement in undergraduate courses. Congratulations!


Yasunori Miyamori, Professor Researcher Directory

Professor Shunji Kanie retired at the end of March 2023.

Research topics

Titles of the master thesis in 2023

Titles of the bachelor thesis in 2023

Photos in the laboratory