Hokkaido University Divison of Applied Chemistry Chemical Process Engineering

Laboratory of Organic Reaction
Structural Organic Chemistry Group

Daily Life

◆ Research Meeting

 We have a monthly meeting for the discussion of individual research theme. Every students and PostDocs will give a short presentation about progress of the research. We give importance to failures as well as successful experiments, because the failures hold great potential for wonderful results.

Research Meeting

◆ Paper Research


Most of researches start with unique ideas or serendipitous discovery. In Paper Research, students have a 1 hour talk about one research topic including ideas, background, breakthrough, recent progress and future visions. Here it is important to read papers through reviewer’s eyes.

◆ Study Meeting

Reaction mechanisms are a kind of language in chemistry research. In study meeting, we select a couple of synthetic research papers to discuss detailed mechanisms for reported reactions.

Study Meeting

◆ Coffee Table Talk

Coffee Table Talk

We enjoy casual conversation drinking coffee. This is a great source of research ideas!

Annual Events

  • Apr.   : Kick off meeting
  •      : BBQ party
  • Summer : Group trip
  • Dec.   : Year-end Meeting & Party
  • Mar.   : Chemist of the year award ceremony


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