Publications 2005


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  2. Application of a direct fluorescence-based live/dead staining combined with fluorescence in situ hybridization for assessment of survival rate of Bacteroides spp. in drinking water
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    Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 2005, 92(3), 356-363.
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  4. Use of microelectrodes to investigate the effects of 2-chlorophenol on microbial activities in biofilms
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  5. Fate of 14C-labeled microbial products derived from nitrifying bacteria in autotrophic nitrifying biofilm
    Okabe, S., Kindaichi, T., and Ito, T.
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  6. Thiovirga sulfuroxydans gen. nov., sp. nov., a chemolithotrophic sulfur-oxidizing bacterium isolated from a microaerophilic waste-water biofilm
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    Okabe, S., Ito, T., Sugita, K., and Satoh, H.
    Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 2005. 71(5), 2520-2529.

International conference proceedings

  1. Identification of physiological groups in biofilm by FISH
    Okabe, S. (Invited Lecture)
    Microbial biofilms symposium, Systems biology affecting humans and the environment, ASM Biofilm Symposium, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, U.S.A.
  2. Gene expression pattern in Escherichia coli biofilm
    Ito, A. and Okabe, S.
    Joint meeting for the 3 divisions for the International Union of Microbiological Societies 2005, San Francisco, California, USA.
  3. Interspecies communication modulates antibiotic tolerance, virulence and a wide range of gene expression in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
    Yawata, Y., Okabe, S., Ito, A., Maseda, H., Uchiyama, H., and Nomura, N.
    Joint meeting for the 3 divisions for the International Union of Microbiological Societies 2005, San Francisco, California, USA.
  4. A polyphasic approach to study the structure, function, and eco-physiological interactions in Complex Multispecies Biofilms
    Okabe, S. (Invited Lecture)
    Vistas for Microbial Ecology and Environmental Biotechnology, The Center for Environmental Biotechnology, Arizona State University.
  5. Analysis of Structure, Function, and Eco-physiological Interactions among Community Members in Complex Multispecies Biofilms
    Okabe, S.
    Proceedings of International Biomicrocosms Workshop ?for the enhancement of rhizosphere research- Sapporo.
  6. Microbial community structure and treatment performance of membrane bioreactors treating municipal wastewater
    Okabe S., Hiraiwa, M. N., Miura, Y., and Watanabe, Y.
    The Proceedings of International Workshop on Water Management Systems for Creating Healthy Water Environment.