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Welcome to the website of Solid State Chemistry Laboratory (Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University).

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Today we can control material properties through manipulating atoms and molecules. We are trying to develop a new method to fabricate novel functional materials through controling nano structures, and investigate their physical and chemical properties.

Last Update 21 Sep 2016

Research keywords

Printable semiconductors including organic semiconductors, Nano carbon, CVD of nanomaterials, and Spintronics

What's New

1 Oct 2017 New members joined our group.  
21 July 2017 A paper by Ms. Weng was elected as a backside cover of CrystEngComm journal.  
20 Dec 2016 Mr. Takuya Takami received a poster presentation award at CSJ Festa.  
24~25 Sep 2016 Visited Spa in Shimukappu Town for lab. excursion
23 Aug 2016 Assistant Prof. Dr. Yanase departed to University of Wyoming for research collaboration.
2 Aug 2016 High school students has experienced the fabrication of OLED.
2 May 2016 Softball game has been taken place.
We lost at the first game in the tournament regrettably.  
1 Apr 2016 Four new students joined our group.  
7 May 2015 Andrew Di Timoteo joined us from Univ. Alberta for four month internship.  
1 Apr 2015 Six new students joined our group.  
17 Nov 2014 Takuya Takagi and Takahiro Tamura were awarded poster awards at CSJ Festa.  
1 Oct 2014 Weng Mengting joined us as a phD course student.  
28 Aug 2014 Takahiro Tamura was awarded an Presentation Award at Hokkaido Meeting of Chemical Society Japan
1 July 2014 Mihailo Vesović joined us from Univ. of Belgrade for two month internship.
26 May 2014 Kanit Anotharom joined us from Chulalongkorn Univ. for two month internship.
02 Apr 2014 Hao Yingquan joined us from Xiamen Univ. for one year internship.
17 Dec 2013 Yu HASHIMOTO was awarded an Presentation Award at 49th Hokkaido Meeting of Japan Soc. Appl. Phys.
12 Nov 2013 Aiko KAWAHITO was awarded a Poster Award at CSJ Festa 2013.
30 Sep 2013 Aiko KAWAHITO was awarded the 3rd JSAP Photocontest Award. title "Fe nanowire resembling two spotted garden eels"
18 Apr 2013 Aiko KAWAHITO was awarded an Yamazaki Yohtaro Memorial Student Award at 11th International Ferrite Conference. title "Fabrication of Fe Nanowires by Thermal CVD Method"
14 Dec 2012 Shosei KUBOTA was awarded the Best Poster Award at the International Conference ICNME2012.

title "Structural Control of Graphene Edges by Electrochemical Etching"

01 Oct 2011 Wei XIE joined us from Sichuan Univ. as a phD course student.
05 Sep 2011 David IZUOGU returned to country because of completion of HUSTEP.
01 May 2011 Prof. Taro NAGAHANA was appointed as a new associate professor of the Lab.
31 Mar 2011 Prof. Hajime KIYONO was appointed as an associate professor in Shibaura Institute of Technology College.
01 Oct 2010 David IZUOGU joined us on HUSTEP.
17 May 2010 New website was uploaded.
01 Apr 2010 Prof. Toshihiro SHIMADA was appointed as a new group leader of the Lab.
31 Mar 2010 Prof. Shiro SHIMADA retired because he reached mandatory retirement age.
Prof. Takaya AKASHI was appointed as a full professor in Hosei University.


For research results and positions available, please contact following address.

Prof. Toshihiro SHIMADA ( 
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Laboratory of Solid State Chemistry
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