Welcome to
Ultrafast Quantum Optics Lab.

Ultrafast Quantum Optics Laboratory participates actively in material & optical sciences and technology. Prof. Adachi and Prof. Sekikawa lead a nanoscience & spin-optics group and an experimental laser physics group, respectively.

1. Nano Science & Spin-Optics Group (Prof. Satoru ADACHI)
Our group aims to study and manipulate spins in solid material nanostructures optically in a time-resolved manner. Currently, we are devoted to the study of dynamical processes of ensemble of electron and nuclear spins in a single quantum dot and to the development of telecommunication wavelength quantum memory using Er-doped crystals.

2. Ultrafast Chemistry & High-Field Physics (Prof. Taro SEKIKAWA)
Associate Prof. Sekikawa leads an experimental laser physics group interested in extreme ultraviolet (XUV) and soft x-ray nonlinear optics and spectroscopy through high harmonic generation. On going project is the development of the single harmonic separator for XUV time-resolved spectroscopy.

For more information, please visit each group's website.