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System for Sustainable Infrastructure


  • Creation and management of sustainable and recyclable infrastructures

Our COE project “Sustainable Metabolic Systems of Water and Waste for Area-based Society” consists of three groups. The “water metabolic system group” and “waste metabolic system group” develop the technologies on water/wastewater treatment or solid waste management that are essential for the establishment of sustainable area-based society. On the other hand, our “system for sustainable infrastructure group” undertakes the most fundamental part of our COE project, which is the establishment of sustainable infrastructure system. It is imperative for both water and waste system, because sustainable system of water or waste cannot be achieved without sustainable infrastructure facilities. The aim of our group is to develop both hardware and software technologies for the sustainable social infrastructure that are environmentally friendly over the long term. In order to accomplish the above goal, therefore, we are attempting to develop the following technologies:
1) technology for developing highly durable or recyclable materials,
2) rehabilitation/retrofitting technology with new materials and reinforcement methods for prolonging service life of structures, and
3) prediction methods for structural performance during service life through construction material deterioration models and then propose a rational system for structural design, materials, construction and maintenance.

Technologies required

  1. Development of technology and design for prolonging service life of infrastructures
  2. Urban mine/forest (exclusive recycle system inside the urban area)
  3. Development of infrastructures in good harmony with nature


■ Eco-friendly pavement system (low-energy anti-skid pavement system)
  • Fracture ice by traffic vibration
  • Recycle the scrap tire for elastic pavement materials
  • Recycle the sewage sludge for surface pavement blocks
  • Enable the recycle and mending of pavement materials
  • Eco-friendly snow/ice melting system using heat pipe principle
  • Water recycling system by using porous pavement

Program Member,Post-doctoral Fellows,Research Assistants

Program Members

Name Laboratory Professional Title Assignment
Tamon Ueda
sub group leader
Engineering for Maintenance System Professor (1) Reparing/retrofitting technology using new materials
(2) Life cycle evaluation of structures
Keiichi Sato Lab of Transportation Intelligence Professor Comprehensive management method of infrastructures
Yasuhiko Sato Engineering for Maintenance System Assoc. Professor Development of recyclable civil engineering material
Development of methods for performance evaluation and retrofitting/reinforcing methods of damanged structures
Takafumi Sugiyama Environmental Material Engineering Professor Development of durability prediction methods of structures
Seiichi Miura Lab of Analytical Geomechanics Professor Mechanistic evaluation of the recyclable granular materials
Tatsuya Ishikawa Lab of Analytical Geomechanics Assoc. Professor Mechanistic evaluation of the recyclable granular materials
Seiichi Kagaya Lab of Infrastructure Planning and Design Professor Life cycle reliability and economical evaluation of structures
Toyoharu Nawa Eco-Materials and Resources Lab Professor Development and evaluation of highly durable and recyclable materials

COE Post-doctoral Fellows

Name Laboratory Research theme Research Report
Yoshihiko Kishimoto Engineering for Maintenance System Evaluation of Spatial Distribution of Moisture Transfer Characteristics Taking into Account the Dynamics Effect in Various Concretes Report
WANG Licheng Engineering for Maintenance System Permeability evaluation of damaged concrete based on RBSM and truss model Report
Michael Angelo B. Promentilla Environmental Material Engineering Studies on ion diffusion in cement-based materials using X-ray microtomography, 3D image analysis, and SiTraM model Report

COE Research Assistants

Name Laboratory Research theme Research Report
Suthipun THANESUEN Lab of Infrastructure Planning and Design Traffic and transportation management and planning systems in Hokkaido area Report
Koji MATSUMOTO Engineering for Maintenance System Technologies to predict service life and to clarify detarioration mechanism of concrete structures under fatigue loads Report

COE Secretariat

Name Laboratory Assignment Ex. No.
Engineering for Maintenance System Administrative management of group3, English-Japanese translation, creation and maintenance of HP 6218