Outline of research

Waste problem includes from waste generation, separation, collection, treatment, recycling, and disposal in landfill. Therefore it is important to choose and apply a proper technology to solve waste problem considering waste treatment and disposal system as an integrated one. We perform various researches covering from waste separation to final disposal using both of hardware (experiment, chemical analysis and field investigation) and software (questionnaire and data analysis) tools.

For the integrated solid waste management

Research theme

System analysis of municipal solid waste collection

Data were collected by following collection vehicle to record time and distance to move or collection for six types of source separated waste. Model to estimate collection works will be constructed.

Detailed data analysis of MSW incinerators

Questionnaire survey was carried out on operation, maintenance, and construction of MSW incinerators in Japan. Material and energy balance, and cost will be analyzed, and estimation model is presented.

Organic waste
System analysis of composting facilities and methane fermentation facilities

Many facilities in which different types of organic waste are treated were studied by analyzing input and output material, and operation data were collected from facilities. Mass and energy balance, and construction and operation cost were compared.

Material and heat balance of composting facility

By measuring aeration and ventilation rate as well as temperature and moisture, mass and energy balance of the facility is estimated.

PHAs in landfill
Behavior of PHAs in municipal solid waste landfill

PHA concentrations were determined in several incineration residues, and their fate in landfills is estimated.

Landfill aeration
Mechanism of passive aeration through gas vents in closed landfills

Gas vent installed in old landfill was found to collect (or induce) air from outside, i.e. it aerate waste in a landfill. Mechanism and its effectiveness is studied by field survey in several MSW landfill, including semi-aerobic/anaerobic, new/old landfills.

Recycle of C&D Waste
Characteristics of mixed construction and demolition waste residue

Leaching behavior was determined for different kind of soil conditioners and fertilizers produced from C&D waste residue. Risk of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) generation is also estimated.

Waste characterization
Characterization of detailed component of paper and plastics

Proximate analysis, Ultimate analysis was carried out for detailed components of paper and plastics as well as food waste.

Hazardous waste
Generation and disposal of household hazardous waste in Japan

Questionnaires were sent to municipalities, SWM companies, and citizens, flow of household hazardous wastes from collection to disposal were estimated.