Solid Waste Management & Disposal


Recently, global environmental problem became a common concern both in developed and developing countries. Solid waste management is a very complicated system including many options of pre-treatment, recycling, treatment, and disposal to deal with various types of solid waste. In the late 20th century, we have focused on a part of waste stream (such as packaging waste) or a specific disposal method (such as incineration or landfill.)  In order to give an optimal solution for sustainable development, this course provides an idea of “integrated solid waste management” , which is an idea to find the most environmentally sound system considering the all waste streams and all solid waste management system together. Life cycle assessment (LCA) is a powerful tool to evaluate how the system is good or bad in global environmental impact. The textbook written by McDougall et al. is the unique book to describe the idea of integrated approach and LCA. as well as solid waste management process and technologies. The Basic principles of various waste management technologies will be learned in the latter half of classes.


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