22nd Korea-Japan Joint International Session of KSWM in Gwang-Yang (May 10, 2018)

Our members presented follows:

    • In-Hee Hwang·Yutaro Sakai·Takayuki Matsuo·Yasumasa Tojo·Toshihiko Matsuto: Influencing factor on acid gas removal and flow characteristics of slaked lime in onsite production process
    • Wani Lukak·Yasumasa Tojo: Investigation of the effect of Electrocoagulation operational parameters on the leachability of arsenic in sludge
    • Naruhiro Tsuboi·Toshihiko Matsuto·Takayuki Matsuo·Yasumasa Tojo·In-Hee Hwang: Estimation of sorting efficiency and material flow in combined type anaerobic digestion facility
    • Akihito Nakamine·Toshihiko Matsuto·Takayuki Matsuo: Evaluation of potential as metal resources of molten metals produced from gasification melting and ash melting facilities