21st Korea-Japan Joint International Session of KSWM in Jeonju (May 11, 2017)

Our members presented follows:

    • Kohei Yamanaka et al.:  Evaluation of operational characteristics of vertical type incinerator.
    • In-Hee Hwang et al.:  Experimental study on reaction of slaked lime and hydrogen chloride in dry scrubbing of flue gas generated from waste incinerator.
    • Satomi Nakagawa et al.:  Problem caused by municipality involvement in industrial solid waste management.
    • Yuto Futagami et al.:  Production of high-performance slaked lime for waste incineration flue gas treatment.
    • Michiyo Kobori et al.:  Study on the accumulation mechanism of cesium into incineration ash of sewage sludge and its application to the decontamination waste.
    • Taira Ikeda et al.:  Study on the feasible treatment process for highly concentrated landfill leachate generated in arid region.