About HUNS

 At the electron LINAC facility at Hokkaido University, neutron and X-ray beam experiments are performed by using an electron beam of Max. 3.2 kW, as follows.
● SANS (small-angle neutron scattering) and its applications for nanostructure science
● Neutron imaging
● Neutron-induced soft-error test
● Development of accelerator-driven neutron sources
● Test of neutron optical devices and neutron detectors
● Instrumentation
● Neutron and high-energy X-ray experiments

 We have three types of pulsed neutron source.
● Pulsed cold neutron source
● Pulsed thermal neutron source
● Pulsed fast neutron source

Current operation status of Hokkaido Univ. electron LINAC

● Standard: 2.3 kW (33 MeV x 70 μA (70 pps), Electron pulse width: 4 μs)

● Maximum: 3.1 kW (33 MeV x 95 μA (100 pps), Electron pulse width: 4 μs)

July 2021