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Proctor Lecture (ISSMGE TC202 Honour Lecture)

With the support of ISSMGE, TC202 recently established a Transportation Geotechnics Named Lecture series after late Prof. Ralph Roscoe Proctor in recognition of his Proctor compaction test as well as his contributions in research and practice related to preparing embankments and structural layers in geotechnical engineering.
The first Proctor Lecture will be held in September 2016 in GuimarĂ£es, Portugal, during the 3rd International Conference on Transportation Geotechnics (ICTG). The Proctor lecture will be regularly held every four years at each TC202 sponsored ICTG event. In addition, future Proctor lectures will also be targeted for delivery during the main ICSMGE and ECSMGE events, ISSMGE regional conferences and other ISSMGE sponsored specialty conferences.

Selection criteria:
The Lecturer shall be a member of the ISSMGE and be recognized as a national or international expert within the field of transportation geotechnics. The lecture recipient must demonstrate over a sustained period:
1. Outstanding academic, research and professional career in transportation geotechnics.
2. Outstanding contributions to the field of geotechnics for roads, highways, railways, airfields and waterways.
3. Outstanding achievements in bridging the gap between Pavement/Railway Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering.
4. Outstanding achievements in promoting and applying soil mechanics principles for education, research and practice in transportation infrastructures.
5. The recipient is also expected to be an outstanding speaker.
Note: A Lecturer may come from the same country or continent as the previous Lecturer. There are no requirements to education or position. Practicing engineers and persons from the academia are equally eligible.

Designation procedure:
The designation procedure is as follows:
1. TC202 National members and Executive Group members are invited to submit one name as a nomination for the Proctor Lecture. The submission must be accompanied by a motivation note, highlighting the quality of the candidate according the selection criteria.
2. The TC202 Executive Group reviews the application and may discard any application which does not correspond to the selection criteria.
3. The election is staged in two rounds. The first round aims to select three candidates from the list of eligible candidates submitted by National and Executive Group members. All members of TC202 shall have the opportunity to vote via e-mail, with a minimum 2-week election period. The election will be organized by the TC Secretary and all votes will be confidential.
4. The second round shall rank the remaining candidates by the TC members. The selected candidate shall have the support of at least 50% of the TC members. In case the candidate ranked first is unable to accept the lecture, the second candidate will be invited.
5. The TC Chair shall first inform the ISSMGE President and the TOC of the name of the selected Lecturer. If there is some disagreement with the proposed Lecturer, one or several alternative candidates should be proposed to the TC Chair. If agreement is not reached, the TC makes the final decision.
6. The TC Chair informs the recipient and all TC National members.

The lecture recipient must be given at least 12 months to prepare the Lecture.

The lecture recipient is expected to prepare an approximately one hour long oral presentation as well as a substantial written version which will be published in both the Transportation Geotechnics Journal and the ICTG proceedings (under previous agreement). The lecture and recipient will be introduced by the TC Chair active at the time, with a particular emphasis on the achievements of the recipient in regards to the selection criteria.

Following the first presentation, the recipient may deliver the lecture at university seminars, national society meetings and other private gatherings at his/her own discretion. The lecture may not be delivered at another conference (national or international), unless approved by the TC Executive Group.

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