Environmental System Engineering Laboratory

Creation of new value in environmental equipment engineering

Nagano laboratory's research and education field
 Environmental System Engineering Laboratory (Alias Nagano laboratory) has been traditionally targeting environmental equipment engineering, that is, heat supply, air conditioning, air conditioning engineering, indoor environment, etc., for the purpose of "Creating a healthy and sustainable living environment" at Faculty and Graduate School of Engineering Hokkaido University. Recently, we have expanded research and education fields such as planning, designing and impact evaluation of facilities, buildings and houses that utilize innovative energy-saving technology and renewable energy utilization technology developed by ourselves. Our laboratory belongs to the spatial performance system division consisting of faculty organization with the Environmental Ergonomics Laboratory which can be called brothers laboratory, and laboratory of architecture and environmental engineering in graduate schooling education. In undergraduate education, we are in charge of Sanitary Environment Engineering course (Department of Sanitary Engineering) of Social Environment Engineering course (formerly Department of Environmental Engineering) consisting of 4 courses of so-called building system, civil engineering system, environmental system, resource system. The Department of Sanitary Engineering at Hokkaido University was founded in 1957 as the Department of Environmental Engineering Department for the first time in Japan. In addition to water environment, atmospheric environment and waste, Environmental Facilities not found in Department of Hygienic Engineering at Kyoto University and Department of Urban Engineering at the University of Tokyo It is characterized by having two laboratories in the system. Two laboratories of our environmental equipment system have already produced about 500 graduates in society. Many of them are active in design offices, building companies, equipment specialized companies, energy affiliates, engineering companies, manufacturers, public servants, universities and public research institutions. Among the graduates we are proud of being Takasago Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd., TAKUMA Co.,Ltd., SHINRYO CORPORATION, and SUZUKI MOTOR CORPORATION. who also served as presidents.

Nagano laboratory's research style and policy
In conducting research and development on environmental equipment engineering belonging to the university education / research institution, we are engaged in activities under the intention of seeking to penetrate as much as possible three research styles and policies as below.
1. Insist on research and development of materials and devices ourselves (Hop)
2. We insist on research and development of systems including development and control of equipment and units applying developed materials and devices (Step)
3. We will develop into a practical scale-scale research and development with a view to practical application, and we are concerned about ourselves involved in the planning and design of the actual facilities' environmental facilities and commissioning them(Jump)
Either way is to value the originality.

In 1, can always ensure absolute originality by leading the material development aimed at applications. Knowledge of chemistry and materials is necessary to develop materials, but in our laboratory we are strengthening our R & D capabilities by accepting researchers who can complement each other's ability with each other.
In 2, it is important to evaluate itself by developing equipment and developing systems. We are self-warned that universities should not play the role of so-called "consumer center", such as conducting performance tests of products and products developed by makers. We often see industry associations and manufacturers wanting to use the universities to authorize the performance evaluation of equipment, but we believe that such work should be entrusted to public testing laboratories.
In 3, it is the same as 2. Properties that involved in planning and designing themselves have a meaning to perform performance evaluation. Certainly it is "without energy measurement without energy saving", but as a university research, we feel doubt about what will be beneficial for evaluating the energy saving performance of the facility where we are not involved in planning and designing at all it is.
We think that the direction to be aimed at the education and research of environmental facility engineering at university is ultimately in how high quality indoor environment and energy saving / environment can be provided to clients and communities. To that end, we must create ingenious and advanced research, but we realized that it is quite difficult to continue it for a long time. Although it seems to be a field that is far from state-of-the-art technology, it is known that once innovative technology is accepted once it accepts examples of flat-screen televisions and LED lighting, it permeates the society at a stretch and transformation occurs. Our laboratory leads the R & D of new materials and equipment in the field of consumer heat energy, birth of Only-One, flapping with Hop-Step-Jump based on it, and to disseminate research results to the real world It is policy to proceed with research concerning it.



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