Division of Quantum Science and Engineering


The research activities of this division cover a wide area of physics and engineering for the quantum beam science and engineering, the fusion plasma physics and engineering. These fields include radiation sources, fusion plasma devices, physical-chemical interaction of radiation, and application of high energy accelerators.

The division is equipped with research facilities such as the 45 MeV electron linear accelerator, the Van de Graff accelerator, neutron sources, the picosecond pulse radiolysis equipment, the Möbauer spectrometer, low temperature plasma devices, and ion sources.

The division consists of three research groups; Nuclear System Engineering, Plasma Physics and Engineering, and Atomic Science and Nuclear Engineering. Each research group has three laboratories. In addition, the 45 MeV Electron Linear Accelerator, the Center for Advanced Research of Energy Technology, and the Catalysis Research Center take a role in the activities of the division.