Division of Engineering and Policy for Cold Regional Environment


To create sustainable society and environments that are essential for social activities that are safe, comfortable and well developed, it is necessary to properly manage various facilities that serve as infrastructure, from planning, design, construction and maintenance to demolition stages. This requires a comprehensive evaluation system that centrally manages them all. For this purpose, the establishment of engineering methodologies for technical policies on infrastructure, as well as the introduction of consensus-building support to the formulation of technical-policy processes, is essential. This major course is aimed at fostering human resources who can provide solutions to complex environmental and social problems from broad perspectives by introducing system-engineering and socioeconomic methods while building consensus with local residents. Also, we aim at standardizing the transition of infrastructure policies and internationally promoting infrastructure improvement evaluation methods as well as their application. Specifically, our research places emphasis on the following areas:

  • Development of methods for planning transportation systems as well as those to evaluate visual environments of landscape
  • Development of technologies and establishment of methodologies for infrastructure systems ions that are safe and reliable
  • Development of design methods of infrastructure facilities
  • Establishment of historical systems that are related to infrastructure policies, as well as science and technologies for use in cold regions
  • Establishment of sustainable basin management technique for the basin environment of a natural coexistence type

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