Division of Mechanical and Space Engineering

AY2020 Spring term, Graduate School of Engineering

Course title:Spacecraft Design
Day of the week:Tue.2,Fri.2
Teaching staff in charge:Tsuyoshi Totani
Outline:Lectures are offered by using ELMS.

Course title:Computational Solid Mechanics
Day of the week:Mon.3
Teaching staff in charge:Motohiro Sato
Outline:Not offered this year (Lectures start next year).

Course title:Molecular Fluid Dynamics
Day of the week:Mon.5,Fri.5
Teaching staff in charge:Kazumichi Kobayashi
Outline:Lectures are offered using e-learning. See the outline PDF file.

Course title:Strength and Fracture of Materials
Day of the week:Mon.1,Wed.1
Teaching staff in charge:Takashi Nakamura
Outline:Spring term -> Autumn term


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