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Course of Sustainable Resources Engineering, School of Engineering, Hokkaido University

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For centuries, we humans have been extracting mineral resources such as gold, coal, petroleum, etc. Those resources have been processed and utilized to create tools, machines, various types of energy, etc., for our human culture. World history tells us that technological innovations in the field of mineral resources have modernized industries. Let's just look around us. Televisions, personal computers, automobiles, and even aircraft and space shuttles consist of materials originating from the earth. And most of the energy used to power them is also extracted from the earth. The education and research of this department supply knowledge and technology for the stable extraction and supply of the resources.

Recently, much attention has been paid to the excellent features of the earth's crust. For instance, power plants and research centers for microgravity have been constructed underground. The concept of constructing new traffic systems, new communication systems, and leisure facilities have been realized. In other words, underground space exists with infinite possibilities for our lives, much like extraterrestrial space. The education and research in this department also aim at solving various technical problems with the development and utilization of this vast amount of underground space. The effects of human activities on the environment have been increasing. We do not think the earth as just an object to develop. But aims to establish technology which does not force a heavy environmental burden on the earth by developing highly sophisticated recycling technology.


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