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Tatsuya OHMI, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
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[Research field]

Interfacial Phenomena, Transport Phenomena, Material Processing, Metallography, Foundry Engineering

[Academic Societies]

Japan Institute of Metals, Iron and Steel Institute of Japan, Japan Foundry Engineering Society, Japan Institute of Light Metals, The Japanese Society for Experimental Mechanics


Microreactor, Microchannel, Intermetallic compound, Functionally graded material, Combustion synthesis, Infiltration, Semi-solid processing, Powder metallurgy, Mixing

[Recent research projects]

  1. Fabrication of metallic microchannel devices by Sacrifial-Core Method (pdf-file), and functionalization of the microchannel wall by simple post processes
  2. Development of a simultaneous casting-joining process for intermetallics based on combustion synthesis and centrifugal casting processes
  3. Control of solidification structure of aluminum alloys using the "double-diffusive undercooling" phenomenon in fluid mixing

[Other interest]

  1. Improvement in material engineering education by laboratory works on metal casting

June 2017
Novel Processing Laboratory