“Ionized gas” refers to a state where a partsome of the gas is ionized. Although it this is often also called plasma, there are in fact several conditions regarding temperature and electron concentration to that must be satisfiedy for a gas to be called plasma regarding the temperature and electron concentration in a the strictest sense. Therefore, the iIonized gas therefore refers to a broader range of states in a broader sense includingthat also include plasma. Particles such as ions, electrons and radicals which are contained in ionized gasses are in a high-energy conditions state, and they can create a non-equilibrium process by reacting to gasses and solid matters. Therefore, these ionized gasses are applied to various fields of involving substances •, energy • , and the environment.
“Lasers” is are closely related to ionized gasses, as it lasers uses ionized ionized gasses for theas a catalyst. and it isLasers are also used as a tool to create and measure high-temperature ionized gasses. , Their as well as for other diverse applications are also diversified.
In our laboratory, we carry out onduct researches on in cutting-edgeadvanced fields concerning to study these ionized gasses and lasers.

Philosophy and Objectives

Promotion The Promotion of Researches
in the Ionized Gas Science and Laser Science Fields

We aim to pursue cutting-edge and leading international researches in the ionized gas science and laser science fields, and also to positively advancecarry on researches in the fields that are integrated with and related fields ofto these technologies. In addition, we promote basic researches which that will be able to serve as the driving forces of the future development.

Contribution to Society

We actively promote joint researches with the private sector and other bodies organizations in the ionized gas science and laser science fields. Also, we aim to contribute to society by promoting the transfer of the technologies developed at our facility to the private sector.

International Cooperation

Through the promotion of international exchange,s including international joint researches and international partnership projects, we aim to elevate our research standards. Among others goals, we will strengthen research cooperation with researches in within Asia.

Goals to Achieve

  1. In ionized gas science and laser science, both of which are relatedcan be related to to extremely a wide-rangebroad range of scientific and technological fieldsfields, we will promote basic and appliedcation researches by involving the peripheral and varied fieldsboundary • complex fields.
    which is related to the concerned fields.
  2. We will be actively engaged in joint researchesresearch and technical assistance in cooperation with the private sector and other bodies in the ionized gas science and laser science fields, and will promote the transfer of the technologies developed at our facility to the private sector as well as the development of new technologies.
  3. We will promote international exchange,s such as international joint researchesresearch regarding into ionized gas science and laser science. EspeciallyIn particular, we will actively conduct engage in joint researchesresearch, seminars and human interpersonal exchanges with universities and research institutions in Asia.
    Regarding to our recent research, please see the English pages of the staffs.

 Prof. Kiichiro Uchino
 Associate Prof. Yukihiko Yamagata
 Assistant Prof. Kentaro Tomita