tokachi sumatra

2011 Tohoku Earthquake Tsunami

A high resolution computation of 2011 Tohoku tsunami was performed in level-9 adaptive mesh refinment envronment. Each quad-tree block, indicated by squares in the results, has 100 computing cells. The maximum resolution (cell width) was 200 m. Initial surface elevation was determined on the basis of the earthquake fault model provided by Geographycal Survey Institute of Japan.
Fault 1: Length; 199Km, Width; 85Km, Strike; 202, Dip; 18, Slip; 27.7m
Fault 2: Length; 176Km, Width; 82Km, Strike; 201, Dip; 15, Slip; 5.9m
(NOTE) Large memory required
Overview (Block-Averaged Surface Elevation)
Tohoku Area (Close up)
Kanto Area (Close up)
Hokkaido Area (Close up)