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The Process of Joint Research and Commissioned Research

Let’s take a look at the procedures for joint and commissioned research in the Engineering Liaison Office.


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Coordination and Matching by Liaison Promotion Department Staff

We provide various coordination and matching functions, in response to inquiries.

  1. Are there any researchers who can handle the research content I’m looking for?
    -> If you provide summary reports on the content of the research you need, we will handle coordination with suitable researchers.
  2. I want joint research with a specific researcher (I want to commission research)
    -> If you provide summary reports, we at the Engineering Liaison Office will examine them and provide the researcher with a summary explanation, and consider whether it is feasible.

    Based on the stage of the project, Engineering Liaison Office staff will interview the company and then set up a direct meeting between company representatives and the researcher.

Contract procedures

Contracts are agreed on the basis of Hokkaido University’s contract form.

Research implementation

The two parties discuss and decide the time frame and form of the research. The two sides exchange reports on the progress and other aspects of the joint or commissioned research, by means such as holding report meetings during the research implementation period.

Handling intellectual property generated from the results of joint (commissioned) research

  • Intellectual property generated by joint research is, in principle, shared.
  • Intellectual property generated by commissioned research is, in principle, the property of Hokkaido University alone.

In either case, if the company wants sole use of the intellectual property, sole usage by the company is permitted for a set number of years, on the condition that the company must bear all related expenses and pay usage fees to the University.
Other detailed conditions are stipulated in the joint (commissioned) research contract.

* Contact the Center for Innovation and Business Promotion (Tel.: 011-706-9561) for more details.