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Test Apparatus and Procedures



Host member society: UK and Japan
Short name: Laboratory testing (TC101)

Technical Committee 101 (formerly TC-29) of the ISSMGE was founded in 1994, after the successful 1st International Symposium on the Pre-failure Deformation Characteristics of Geomaterials held at Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. It completed six terms: two with Professor F. Tatsuoka as Chairman (1994-2001), another two with Professor R. Jardine (2001-2009), one with Profosser H. di Benedetto (2009-2013), and the most recent one with Professor Junichi Koseki (2013-2017).
Technical Committee 101 covers all aspects of laboratory testing. It organised many IS, workshops, international exchanges and created the gBishop lectureh.

Prof. Matthew R. Coop, Chair
Prof. Erdin Ibraim, Vice Chair
  Prof. Satoshi Nishimura, Secretary

Terms of Reference for TC101

• To promote co-operation and exchange of information concerning research and developments in advanced laboratory geotechnical testing, including apparatus, techniques, data acquisition and interpretation.

• To encourage the application of advanced laboratory testing in research; in integrated site characterisation studies; and in ground modelling.

• To explore how advanced testing can be used most constructively in practical geotechnical engineering.

• To advance the above aims through collaboration with specialists working in laboratory and field testing, sampling, theoretical and numerical analysis, and in project engineering and full scale observation. This will involve close liaison with other ISSMGE Technical Committees.

Newsletter to TC101 members

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Above figures (from top-left to bottom-right):
 Locally instrumented hydraulic triaxial stress-path cell
 True triaxial apparatus
 Bender element couple attached to triaxial specimen
 Input and output wave records from bender elements
 Sand in hollow cylindrical torsional shear
 Servo-motor-controlled direct shear apparatus
 Forces and pressures working on hollow cylinder speciemn

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