This laboratory is proud of being one of the first international laboratories in the School of Engineering, Hokkaido University.  English has been used for teaching and learning for more than 20 years.  The first international student arrived in 1991 with the Japanese government scholarship from Egypt.  Since then the laboratory saw just one student every other year due to the  unavailability of scholarships.  Following the introduction of an English medium graduate program (English Engineering Education program), the number of international students increased steadily.  Besides full time students, we are also blessed with international minded Japanese students, exchange students from various parts of the world and PhD sandwiched program students from ASEAN countries.  These students bring with them diversity crucial for growth and globalized network that has becoming increasingly important to survive in this competitive environment.. 

A brief self-introduction of our lab members are given below.


UEDA Tamon, Professor

When there are no lectures I often disappear from the university for my business trips in Japan and overseas.  Initially my wife was not happy but she finally look at the benefits of my being away -- she does not have to prepare my meals, she can enjoy travelling using my mileage, she can occupy the whole bed by herself.  I find that the time onboard the plane allows me to concentrate on my work because there are no disturbances like when sitting in my office.  

I collect owls and have quite a good collection at home.  What do I enjoy most?  My answer is "sleeping". 
MASAKI Naoko, Secretary (except Wednesday)

Having worked for Prof Ueda for more than 10 years, I am probably one of the oldest most experienced secretaries in the Faculty of Engineering.  I like working in this laboratory because Prof Ueda teaches many international students, and I enjoy communicating with them.  I like traveling cooking, reading, skiing, cycling, beer, and Bon Jovi.

AONO Miki, Secretary (Wednesday only)



LINH Van Hong Bui, PhD student

My name is Linh Van Hong Bui, you can call me Linh for short.  I am a Vietnamese and an outgoing person.  I am a PhD Sandwich student under the AUN/SEED-Net program. I am a third year PhD student (D3) at Chulalongkorn University.  Under this program I have two supervisors - one at Chula (Dr. Boonchai) and one at Hokkaido University (Prof. Ueda). 

Not only do I like Thai food, I also like Japanese dishes. 


Saeid MEHRPAY, PhD student

I am from Iran. I really like Japanese customs and foods. Spring of Japan is my favorite season when everywhere is covered with flowers. I also love the beauty and calmness of Sapporo city. During my free time, I like to visit some friends or watch a scientific documentary or just listen or read News. I also like going out and eating at a new place with friends. There are so many restaurants in Sapporo that always there is a new place to try!


WANG Zhao, PhD student

I come from China and have been in Japan since 2014.  I achieved my M.Eng. degree from this lab in 2016 and now working as a PhD candidate.  I like to watch soccer games and my favorite team is Arsenal (premier league).


WEI Liangliang, PhD student

I am from China. I was born in 1989. I graduated with bachelor's degree from Jiangxi Agricultural University in my hometown, later got a master's degree from Shenzhen University in Southern China. I appreciate that I have this opportunity to pursue advanced studies in Hokkaido University now. I luckily have a girlfriend who will be my wife in the near future. She works at a university capital construction department in Shenzhen. She and I pretty like spicy food. She like dark colors, but I like bright colors. I also like hot pot and barbecue. I don’t like uncooked food such as sashimi, but I like sushi a little bit.


Rajkamal KUMAR, M.Eng. student

Hi! I am Raj. I come from the India, which defines diversity and every sixth person in the world belongs to my country.  I did my B.Tech in Civil Engineering with Second Major in Mechanical Engineering along with a Minor in Applied Mathematics from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IITK).  I joined this laboratory as a Master's student in October 2016.  My hobbies are watching movies (action, sci-fi & romantic), listening music and eating delicate foods . I always like to try new things whatever that is…that’s why I can play lots of sports but not good at any of them.  

SHONO Marin, M.Eng. student

I am a 2nd year Master student.  My hometown is Osaka.  My hobby is travelling
Irish Sultan TAMBIS, M.Eng. student

Hello everyone. I am Irish Sultan Tambis from the Philippines but you can call me "Irish" as my first name. I`m a masters student of Hokkaido University. To study in this prestigious university is like a dream come true. But of course, it is not that easy. I am very grateful to my supervisor (Prof. Ueda Tamon) for this opportunity.
I consider Japan as my second home. I enjoy and looking forward every seasons here and the most that I like is the autumn season because I like the changing color of trees leaves (as you can see in my picture). I also like spring because its like new beginning for me and I love Sakura viewing in every places. I like the people and learned interesting cultures of Japan. I terms of leisure time. I sometimes play guitar but just simple chords since I started learning to play 2 years ago and sing some songs when I`m alone. I also like to draw human portrait/faces by sketching and sometimes think of myself as frustrated painter. I also enjoyed making dresses or sewing something that there are times I think of changing career maybe as fashion designer. Anyway, I am extrovert person but most of the time introvert. I can be easily get along with and make friends.
Mahmudul Hasan MIZAN, M.Eng. student

I am Mahmudul Hasan Mizan (nickname Mizan) from Bangladesh. After completing by bachelor’s in civil engineering from Bangladesh, I joined this laboratory on 02nd October 2017 as a master’s student. I am proud to be a part of team UEDA. Really a nice place to work with the mates from different countries. About myself, I am introvert, love to watch sports specially cricket and football (Barcelona fan- try to watch every match of Barcelona though it’s tough here in japan cause match start around 3-5am). I am foody especially like the dishes from my beloved wife. I also like Japanese food though I can’t taste all the foods due to some restriction in religious point of view. Above all, I love to sleep.
Yang XIE, M.Eng. student

Hello, everyone. I am Yang Xie and also from China and I appreciate Ueda sensei so much for giving me such an opportunity to study here. I started my master study from Apirl 2018. I am fond of Japanese anime and also enjoy the seasons here. My dream is to travel around the Japan for the anime pilgrimage.
OKAMOTO Ryota, B.Eng. student
OZEKI Ryosuke, B.Eng. student
NONODA Keigo, B.Eng. student

I`m a 4th year undergraduate student. I’m into gambling such as casino, mahjong and horse-racing. The problem is that I will work as a government officer from next year. I decided I never play gambling. What I have to do is only studying.
TAKAMURA Shogo, B.Eng. student

MINAKAWA Haruna, B.Eng. student

I am a 4th year undergraduate. I am from Tokyo. I like Hokkaido because it is nice in summer. My hobby is watching movies and skiing. I recently began watching professional baseball.