Div. Field Eng. Environ.

Laboratory of Aquatic Environmental Protection Engineering

What is aquatic environmental protection engineering?

Aquatic environment is the area where water is flowing or stored, such as oceans, coasts, estuaries, lakes, rivers, streams, groundwater, wetlands, watersheds, and so on. Water is an essential element for life, so that we use plenty of water everyday. This results in deterioration of water quality in the aquatic environments. The water quality deterioration can negatively affect the water use for drinking, household needs, and recreation. Because the aquatic environments serve as habitat for interrelated and interacting communities and populations of plants and animals it has also a significant impact on all living things. Therefore, we MUST protect aquatic environment. Aquatic environmental protection engineering includes monitoring of water quality parameters for management of water quality in aquatic environments, and purification of wastewater for prevention of water quality deterioration.

Photo. Lake Mashu