Seven-coordinated Tb(III) complexes with thermo-sensible abilities


Pedro Paulo Ferreira da Rosa, Yuichi Kitagawa, Koji Fushimi, Yasuchika Hasegawa


NTTH Symposium、函館市



            Recently, I attended the Nagoya Univ. Tsinghua Univ.-Toyota Motor Corp.- Hokkaido Univ. Joint Symposium for a poster presentation. I was very happy and honored to receive the Best Poster Award in such joint symposium. It was an inspiring moment in my scientific life to receive this award among several respected researchers and employees of Toyota Motor Corporation. In this award, I would like to thank my advisor, Professor Hasegawa, and all the Professors in our laboratory that are always contributing my work with helpful and thrilling discussions.

              In this study, I investigated the addition of π-conjugated groups in phosphine oxide ligand in seven-coordinate Tb(III) complexes. By changing the electronic structure of the phosphine oxide ligand, induced by the ethynyl or biphenyl group, I expected to promote interaction between ligands in order to create the necessary quenching path for thermo-sensibility. Thermo-sensibility was accomplished in those complexes when π-conjugated group was added. Unexpectedly, the total quantum yield of one of the complexes was 71%, while maintaining thermo-sensibility. Finally, this complex is expected to be applied in future photonic thermo-sensor devices because of its high luminescence and sensitivity to temperature.