Pacifichem 2015

Student Poster Award

The International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies 2015 (Pacifichem2015)
Student Poster Competition Award

“Effective Photosensitized Energy Transfer of Nonanuclear Terbium
Clusters using Methyl Salicylate Derivatives”
ZS. Omagari, T. Nakanishi, Y. Kitagawa, T. Seki, Y. Takahata, K. Fushimi, H. Ito, Y. Hasegawa
Pacifichem2015, Hawaii, Honolulu (USA), 55

I am honored to be awarded “Student Poster Competition Award” at The International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies 2015 (Pacifichem2015).  Lanthanide complexes show intense luminescence from lanthanide ions by energy transfer from organic ligands that absorbs light effectively.  Efficiently luminescent lanthanide complexes require high energy transfer efficiency.  The reverse process of this energy transfer called “back energy transfer” can significantly reduce the overall energy transfer efficiency.  In order to suppress back energy transfer, its mechanism needs to be elucidated.  In this study, I have used nonanuclear terbium clusters with substituent modified ligands.  This allowed direct comparison between the photophysical properties of the clusters arising from the different electronic properties of the ligands, due to the rigidity of the structure preventing changes in properties arising from structural differences.  Formerly, energy difference between triplet excited state and excited state of terbium ion was used to explain back energy transfer.  This study reveals that energy transfer is an adiabatic process where not only the energy difference is important, but also the activation energy of the process.
I would like to thank my advisors, Professor Hasegawa, Associate Professor Fushimi, Assistant Professor Nakanishi, Assistant Professor Kitagawa for their supervision of my studies.  I would also like to thank Professor Ito and Assistant Professor Seki of Hokkaido University and Ms. Takahata of Asahikawa National Institute of Technology for their cooperation in my studies.


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