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The Applied Physics and Engineering Course, through education in both the basics and in real-world applications of physics, is aimed at generating new graduates with broad perspectives and flexible thinking.

Classes in the Applied Physics and Engineering Course include basic mathematics such as Linear Algebra and Calculus, which students take in addition to the basic courses Physics I & II. In addition, Applied Mathematics I & II and related practice sessions allow students to develop their mathematics skills that underpin the scientific content of the course. Students will also learn the basics of modern physics through lectures on Dynamics, Electromagnetism, Thermodynamics, Quantum Mechanics and Statistical Mechanics as well as related practice sessions, while having the chance to manipulate laboratory instruments in topical Applied Physics Experiments.

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Further to these basic studies, students will also take applied subjects, including Solid State Physics, Optical Physics, Electronic Engineering and rapidly developing subjects such as Physics of Complex Systems, Semiconductor Physics, Low Temperature Physics, Quantum Electronics and Computer Science.

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There are also English classes in Applied Physics, in which students are immersed in an environment of scientific English. The course incorporates group studies, through which students can improve their communication and presentation skills essential to the dissemination of research results.

During their graduation thesis projects, students will gradually acquire the research and thinking skills required to conduct studies at graduate school and eventually in the outside world, including skills in critical thinking and in experimental and theoretical physics and engineering. At the same time they will develop their communication and presentation skills. Over 90% of the graduates from the Applied Physics Course go on to postgraduate programs to further enhance their abilities.