Information  /  09.07.2020

The Temperature Examination at the Entrance of Engineering Facility


For e3 students

                                                 July 9, 2020

Information for students of the Graduate School of Engineering

                                   Dean of the Graduate School of Engineering


As part of infection prevention of COVID-19, we will ask you to take the thermography temperature examination at the entrance of Engineering Facility before entering the facility.

If the examination result shows that your temperature is over 37.5 degrees, we will ask you some questions about your current symptoms and retake your temperature. In case that it is determined not to meet the permission criterion, you may be declined to enter the facility. We kindly request your understanding and full cooperation.

Date: Starting from 10th of July, Friday

Time: 8:30a.m. - 5:00p.m, Weekdays


As you have already been notified by the university, if you have any kind of cold-like symptoms, please consider staying home. Moreover, in order to enter the facility, please make sure to wear face masks, wash your hands and keep your distance with others for infection prevention. (You are not allowed to enter the facility without wearing masks).


Information  /  21.04.2020

Remote Work Notice(From April 21 to May 8)


Due to COVID-19 pandemic, e3 staff members take turns to work from home and the office, so our reply might be slower than usual. However, you can send us an e-mail or call us as always if you need help or have concern.
I am sorry for your inconvenience and thank you for understanding.


Information  /  10.04.2020

【Important】Notice of Study and Research Activity at Grad School of Eng.(Updated on May 7)


The Japanese government extended the state of emergency over COVID-19 outbreak until May 31st. In an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, please read the following notes.

1. Avoid non-essential trip
If you are currently outside of Hokkaido, please avoid returning to Hokkaido, and stay where you are at the moment. Preventative measures and requests can be different from each community, so please give close attention to updates.

2. Keep Social Distancing
Followed by a request of Hokkaido government, if you return to Hokkaido from other areas, please refrain from coming to school for 2 weeks in principle while self-monitoring the symptoms and avoid non-essential contact with others.

3. Delivery of classes from April 14th (Tue) to June 12th (Fri)
The Graduate School of Engineering suspended all in-person classes, research and experiments during the Spring term. Some courses and research will be offered through e-Learning from April 14th (Tue) to June 12th (Fri). Therefore, please avoid coming to school during the given period mentioned above.
For detail, please refer to the following link.


Summer term: June 15th (Mon) to August 7th (Fri) * The details will be announced later.
There are usual classes on July 23rd (Thr) and July 24th (Fri), National holidays
*Makeup classes period: August 11th (Tue) to August 17th (Mon)
*Makeup classes are conducted only when the number of classes in Summer quarter do not meet the requirement.
In-person classes and experiments will be held as scheduled for Summer quarter, however, there is possibility of change in plan depending on circumstances.


4. Minimize laboratory visit
Unless you are instructed to visit the laboratory by your supervisor, please refrain from coming to school and minimize ongoing experiment and research at school.

5. Symptoms and Treatment
If you are showing symptoms of COVID-19, please contact your supervisor and places below.
  Academic Affairs Office at Grad School of Eng: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 Coronavirus public telephone consultation counter: 011-632-4567 (9 am to 9 pm)
 Emergency Medical Consultation Center Sapporo: 011-272-7119 (24 hours)

6. Mental Support
If you are anxious or mentally unstable, you can visit the following website and send an e-mail to the counselling room.
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

7. Others
-Wash your hands frequently and make sure to wear a mask at the Engineering building. If you do not have a mask, please make one by yourself.
-Please avoid a large number of crowds, especially small meeting rooms and cafeteria.
-Pay attention to “3 Cs” and avoid those places.

If you have other inquiries, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tsuyoshi Setoguchi
Dean of the Graduate School of Engineering
Hokkaido University


Information  /  05.12.2019

Notice from e3 office (Holiday Schedule)



e3 program office will be closed during New Year Holiday (December 30th 2019 to January 5th 2020).

As such, we will be unable to respond to any e-mails/ phone calls during this timeframe, and right after holidays, our responses may be slow, so please kindly wait for a couple of days to receive a reply.

I am sorry for your inconvenience.

Thank you for your understanding.