Application guidelines for e3 Special selection: April 2019 intake (second call)/October 2019 intake (First call) are uploaded

Application guidelines, e3 Special selection for April 2019 intake (second call)/October 2019 intake (First call) are uploaded. Please refer to: e3 admission for information for new students and respective pages for currently enrolled students planning to continue to Master's/PhD degree under e3.

Important notes:

- This year our program introduced first/second calls for each intake. It means that we accept applications for each respective intake twice. Please rest assured there will be the second call for October 2019 intake in April/May 2019 (dates are to be announced).

- Application submission and application fee payment periods were revised. Last year we accepted applications for April intake by November 15th. For April 2019 intake the deadline for submitting soft copies is October 24. For sending the originals and paying the application fees - November 19.