Apply for general selection-2018

October 2018 Enrollment / April 2019 Enrollment (First Call), e3 General selection
Overseas and Domestic Applicants (Graduates from Outside Hokkaido University)

Deadline for submission by e-mail: June 12, 2018.

  • Admission decision through the e3 General Selection is based on the results of the on-campus entrance examination. For the possibility to be admitted by the results of documents screening and on-line interview please refer to admission to e3 via special selection.
  • Not all divisions reqruit students via the general selection, please check the guidelines for more details.
  • Cooperative Program for Resources Engineering has newly joined e3 and will requruit Master's course students throught general selection. It's a joint program of Kyushu and Hokkaido Universites established in 2017, the first of its kind in the resources engineering area among universities in Japan. Please check program's web page for more details.

In order to apply for e3 program via general selection please first carefully check the application guidelines, prepare and send to e3 office all the necessary documents by e-mail before June 12, 2018. After the preliminary screening (confirming the eligibility and availability of supervisor at the program) you shall submit the originals or attested copies of your documents and pay the application fee before the deadline. Please refer to the submission and screening timetable.

 Application documents

Documents marked *are required only when it is applicable, and non-marked documents are required to submit. Please confirm the conditions for each of the items.

1 e3 Application form PDF Word
2 Check list of required documents PDF  Word
3 Admission Ticket PDF Excel
4 Education history PDF Excel
5 Three Photos, approximately 3.5x4.5 cm
(One of them shall be pasted to your e3 application form)
6 Research proposal
If you have chosen two laboratories with different research topics, please prepare two proposals.
JICA Innovative Asia, MEXT: Super Global Universities scholarships applicants shall use e3-designated proposal format.
Self-supported applicants, candidates with their own scholarships are allowed to use a free format.
PDF Word
7 Abstract(s) of Bachelor's/Master's thesis(es)
Format is free, but make sure to include the title, the author, the name of the supervisor, date submitted (or expected to be submitted), and specify the type of work (bachelor’s thesis, graduation project etc) If formal thesis wasn't a part of your degree program, please prepare a summary of research project etc. you conducted at your home university."
8 Abstract(s) of the publication(s)
If you listed any first author papers (including conference proceedings) in your publications list, please attach an abstract.
Do not attach the full paper. If paper was published in language other than English, please prepare the English abstract.
Please make sure that an abstract is accompanied with full reference information including: Name(s) of the author(s), title,
and publication information.
9 Academic Transcripts
Official academic transcripts for every graduated /expected to graduate university program (originals or certified copies)
shall be prepared. Only bachelor's degree holders: please submit transcripts from the undergraduate school(s);
Master's degree holders: please submit transcripts from both undergraduate and graduate schools;
The most recent transcripts are required if you haven’t graduated yet. Please make sure the date of issue is specified.
10 Graduation/Expected Graduation Certificates
Applicants have to submit the originals or certified copy of graduation certificate for each graduated program. High school certificates are not required.
Applicants who haven't graduated yet:
- Please prepare the most recent provisional certificate. The expected graduation certificate must show the expected
date of your graduation.
- If your university does not issue an expected graduation certificate, please obtain a certificate of enrollment which shows
the date of the enrollment and graduation)
- Once you are conferred a diploma, please submit a copy if it’s written in English/bi-lingual. If the diploma is written in your native language, please submit graduation certificate in English or official translation.
11 Two recommendation letters
The first letter shall be provided by your supervisor in the most recently graduated /expected to graduate program.
The second letter can be provided by others familiar with your academic or professional work.
You may either download e3 designated letter format or use free format.
Please do not attach a letter from a potential supervisor at Hokkaido University. 
PDF  Word
12 Documents to Prove English Proficiency
Applicants are required to submit one of the original official test scores above the minimum requirement:
TOEFL iBT, TOEFL PBT, IELTS, TOEIC L&R or a proof of a full-time degree program in English (original) to be considered for exemption. Minimum English Proficiency Requirements for Admission: TOEFL iBT Test:79; TOEFL PBT: 550; IELTS: 6.0; TOEIC L&R: 670
Accepted TestsNot Accepted Tests
TOEIC Listening & Reading test TOEIC IP,TOEIC Speaking & Writing Tests, TOEIC Speaking Test, TOEIC Bridge Test
IELTS (Academic) IELTS (General Training)

Notes on Submission:
TOEFL - Test reports can be requested to send directly to the e3 program office.
If you specify that the test report form is sent directly to the e3 program office, you do not need to submit the original of the test score by yourself. Institutional code: 8648
IELTS - Scores can be also requested to be sent directly to the e3 program office.
Please specify it in the application form. If you specify that the test report form is sent directly to the e3 program office, you do not need to submit the score by yourself.
Period of Validity
The test shall be taken within the last two years from the application deadline (June 6, 2018).
- Applicants whose native language is English
- Applicants who graduated or are expected to graduate from a full-time bachelor’s degree program where the medium of instruction is English
- Applicants who graduated or are expected to graduate from a full-time Master’s degree program where the medium of instruction is English
To be considered for exemption, the applicant has to submit a proof that medium of instruction (MI) at the university/program was English, such as official MI certificate issued by the university, MI being specified in the official transcript or graduation certificate, official letter from the institution. Such proof is not required for the countries where English is the first language.
If you have any concerns whether you qualify as a native speaker of English, please directly inquiry to the e3 program office well advance of the deadline.
13* A copy of Scholarship Approval Letter and Scholarship Information Form
Required from only applicants who granted a scholarship or in process for application for a scholarship.
If you are granted a scholarship, please submit a letter
from the organization confirming the scholarship nomination and scholarship form describing the details of the scholarship.
If you are still in the process of application/selection, please first submit the scholarship information form only.
The form is not required from CSC, MEXT and JICA-funded scholarships applicants.
PDF  Word
14* International Applicant's Declaration of Finance
Required from privately-funded applicants; Applicants with full support scholarship are not required to submit the declaration
If the bank can’t stamp the form please contact the program’s office.
PDF  Word
15* Photocopy of your passport
The page showing your photo, nationality and name
16* Copy of Residence Card (Both sides)
Applicants residing in Japan shall provide a copy of residence card.

General Submisison notes:

  1. All the required documents shall be delivered to the e3 program office before the application deadline.
  2. Formal application for admission is considered complete only when the examination fee is paid and the originals of the application documents arrived at the office during the specified application period. Please avoid any incorrect entries. Incomplete applications are not acceptable when you submit the hard copies for admission.
  3. After you have completed the submission of your application, you cannot change the contents of the application.
  4. For scholarships screening, the submission of originals may be required during the selection screening. Please confirm the deadlines and requirements of each scholarship.
  5. Application documents shall be written in English or official English translation shall be attached.
  6. Either original or certified copy of the documents shall be prepared, unless otherwise specified. A copy can be certified by issuing institution or notary public.
  7. Submitted documents are not returnable to the applicants for any reason. If any of the documents cannot be re-issued (such as graduation certificates, transcripts etc.), please submit a certified copy.
  8. If any false description would be found in application documents, entrance approval may be cancelled.
  9. Please do not staple the documents. If necessary, please use some removable clips instead.

Application and Screening Schedule: October 2018 Enrollment / April 2019 Enrollment (First Call)


Preliminary Documents Check (Soft copy submission)
Preliminary Screening of Qualifications

Jun 6-12, 2018
      Documents Check Results notification by Jun 25, 2018
Submission of Hard Copy Application and Examination Fee Payment May 15- Jun 6, 2018
On campus entrance examination Aug 8-9, 2018
Examination results Announcement Aug 31, 2018

Preliminary documents check (Soft copies submisison)

In order to ensure that the applicant has the application qualification, and the e3 program has a faculty member who can provide a proper supervision on the proposed research topic, all applicants are required to submit the documents listed in section “8. Application submission” for preliminary check before submitting their formal application.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and results of documents check are notified by e-mail. Applicants are not required to pay the application fee until they have successfully passed the preliminary check and are asked to submit physical application documents.

Applicants are required to make a proper background search, and identify the faculty members who research the relevant field of study. The list of laboratories and faculty members.

Applicants are recommended to specify two potential supervisors. Prior contact with a potential supervisor is not required. If the applicant ticks “I agree to be considered for acceptance by different supervisor/laboratory”, his or her application may be recommended to another laboratory that is not identified in the application form, but deemed appropriate. However, the e3 program cannot guarantee any alternative suggestion for the applicant.

Documents for preliminary check shall be submitted by e-mail ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or be uploaded through the on-line pre-screening system between May 1st and May 14, 2018. Documents submission through the online application system is preferred.

Applicants seeking a scholarship with a direct recommendation through the e3 program shall submit their documents during the period of screening for a particular scholarship. Please refer to the section 11, “Scholarships” for the details.

Applicants who have received the result in the process of scholarship screening are required to submit the e3 application form and other relevant documents listed above by the deadline, but don’t need to re-submit certificates and forms already provided to the e3 program’s office.

Submission of Hard Copy of the Application

After you receive the results of preliminary check you are required to post the originals.
Submitted documents must reach the e3 program office no later than the application deadline.
Application documents shall be submitted by the registered airmail, courier service or other services that provide tracking and delivery confirmation options (DHL, FedEX, EMS, etc).
It is applicants’ own responsibility to estimate the required delivery time in order to meet the application deadline.
The e3 program office will not respond to inquiries regarding the delivery and receipt of individual application documents. Once your documents are delivered and processed, you will receive a notification from the e3 program. The notification will usually be sent within 3 working days of the documents delivery to the e3 program office.

Address:   English Engineering Education (e3) Program Office
c/o International Affairs Office (A1-58)
Graduate School of Engineering, Hokkaido University
Kita 13 Nishi 8, Kita-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-8628, Japan
Tel: +81 11 706 8089 Fax: +81 11 706 8094

Payment of the Examination Fee

Examination fee payment must be completed during the period of application/examination fee payment after the applicant received a guidance to submit the formal application.

Applicants nominated for the MEXT and CSC scholarships and who are expected to graduate from any Master’s degree program of Graduate Schools of Hokkaido University are exempted from the payment of the examination fees. In case the results of these scholarship nomination are not confirmed before the application deadline, the payment of the examination fee can be deferred. In such situation, please contact the e3 office.

- Amount of Application fee: 30,000 JPY
- Payment method:

  • Examination fee payment shall be completed through the application website( the application period. You can use a credit card. If you are currently residing in Japan, you can also pay through a convenience store.
  • An additional amount of 500 JPY is charged for the transaction.
  • You are not required to submit any receipt or confirmation of the payment.
  • Important: All application materials have to be submitted to the e3 program office before the deadline to complete the application process. Application will not be accepted if the originals of application materials are not delivered by the deadline. The examination fee is no-refundable for any cases.