Laboratory of Water Disaster and Environmental Research

As of October 12, 2021

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Field Engineering for the Environment

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Faculty members accepting applicants

IWASAKI Toshiki (Assoc. Prof.)

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Note: Prof. Yasuyuki Shimizu will retire from Hokkaido University on March 2023, so that he can not be a supervisor.

About the laboratory


We are interested in flow, sediment transport and morphodynamics in many environments like rivers, estuarine and submarine,s etc. In particular, our challenge is to propose or use computational models on the mutual interaction among flow, sediment transport, and morphodynamics. For this, we have many collaborations with domestic and international colleagues.

Organization of research

First-year Master and Ph.D students need to take several classes necessary for graduation. In addition, the students will join a weekly research meeting. Each student will present the progress and ongoing works approximately once per 2 months at the research meeting. The students will have individual meetings with a supervisor if necessary. High-performance computers will be available for numerical modelers, and some experimental flumes are prepared for experimental studies. We also perform some (not many) field works if the applications are interested.

Ongoing projects

(1) Modeling of river bedform (dune and antidunes)
(2) Modeling of sand bars, meandering, bank erosion in rivers
(3) Computational modeling of the morphodynamics using Adaptive Mesh Refinement
(4) Driftwood transport and deposition in rivers
(5) Modeling of turbidity current and cyclic steps in submarine environment
(6) Modeling of bedload tracers and related implication for morphodynamics

Enrolled students' research topics

Students can propose their research topic, but the research topic may be better relating to our interest above.  If students would like to perform completely new topics, the students need to have sufficient knowledge, background, and collaboration with suitable researchers.

Information for potential applicants

Applicants' background

It will be great if applicants have basic knowledge about hydraulics, sediment transport, mathematics, and computational skills. In particular, for Ph.D. course, it will be better to have some experiences above in your Master's degree.

How to choose a research proposal topic?

Applicants are expected to propose topics related to our interest above.  If applicants are planning to perform completely new topics, they need to have sufficient knowledge, background, and collaboration with suitable researchers.

How the research proposal is evaluated?

We evaluate the student proposal based on (1) basic knowledge and understanding the research question, (2) strong motivation to solve the question and finish your Master and Ph.D, (3) story of the proposal and logical discussion and (4) English.

Plan to accept applicants

Application type Enrollment semester Master’s course Doctoral course Comments
MEXT Scholarship (Uniform call) Oct. 2022 We may accept one Master or Ph.D students for October 2022 intake.
MEXT Embassy
e3 Special Selection Oct. 2022

How to apply

Please follow the application procedure for the respective application category announced at the e3 web page.

Accepting Research Students

We do not accept Research students.

Availability of financial support

Please check the e3 web page for information about the scholarships and other financial support.


If you have any inquiries about the application and admission procedures etc., please contact the e3 office. You can submit your application on-line during the "matching period" irrespective of prior contact with potential supervisor(s).


List of current e3 students


GAO Jiacheng, YU Yu, HUANG Dai

Alumni and their publications

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HU Yuze


Ahmed Mohamed Abd Elrazek IBRAHIM


Januar Fery Irawan


Jagriti MISHRA


Hideki Hirose, Keisuke Iwata


Hyung Suk KIM, Jang Chang-Lae


Krishna Prasad Dulal, Sanjay Giri


Malik Ahmad ALI


Supapap PATSINGHASANEE, Surajate Boonya-aroonnet, Wandee Thaisiam

Viet Nam

Mung Dinh Thanh